The top picks from Gulf Photo Plus show 2015

The top must sees from this year's Gulf Photo Plus show 2015, focusing on the themes red, green and blue.

Hakim Boulouiz, the photographer. Courtesy of the artist and GPP
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The facade of a building near Grand Canal Dock Dublin, Ireland, November 2013

Hakim Boulouiz, 38, from Switzerland, is an art director and urban aesthetics director

“What inspired me in this work was the power of the green and how it contrasts with the urban monotony. I believe that a photographer is an artist who starts with a raw subject and sculpts it with more elements, such as light, architecture, lines, and characters to tell his own story.”

A fisherman casts his line in Karachi, Pakistan, December 2014

Ahmed Ramzan, 32, a Pakistani photojournalist, was born in the UAE

“I gather my inspiration from everyday life and the activities happening in all forms and formats, which we often overlook in the hectic lifestyle we follow. There are stories in front of us everywhere, if we look. I try to peek into all these frames of life through my camera and freeze them to make them a history.”

In The Company of Wolves artistic shot taken in Ajman, April 2014

Amani Al Shaali, 23, an Emirati, is a fine-art photographer and interior designer

“This image was the first that I shot for a series called There Is Magic Here, which was my interpretation of traditional fairy tale characters. This specific image was inspired by Little Red Riding Hood. In almost all of my work, I try to keep my characters anonymous so people can identify with them and maybe see themselves in my work. I also love to play around with elements of fantasy, fairy tale and surrealism.”

Angelica, a model, poses in a photographic studio in Sanremo, Italy, 2013

Luca Lombardi, 34, is a professional photographer from Italy who lives in Dubai

“The image was born as a joke. I was taking some pictures with Angelica, the model, and I told her to do something foolish, like a silly face or a scream. At the first attempt we had this shot, and it was perfect. I really love this shot because it reflects what I always want my photography to be: colourful, eye-catching, unpredictable, and crazy.”

A man crosses the road at Piraeus port, Athens, Greece

Spyros Catramis, 55, from Greece, is a legal consultant and a semi-professional photographer

“My inspiration behind this photo was the combination of strong colours and the human factor. I try to see beyond the visible and discover the invisible. When I am moved, I press the shutter button. But it isn’t me taking the photo; it’s rather the photo that is offered to me. Inspiration is like a gift and more often than not, it comes to us when we are not looking for it.”

* Anna Seaman