Taxi drivers can be ambassadors of good driving

A reader says Abu Dhabi taxi drivers can lead the change in driving behaviour in the capital. Other topics: Narendra Modi, Nutella, terrorism, motorbikes
A reader says returns on the investment on training of taxi drivers will be incalculable. Delores Johnson / The National
A reader says returns on the investment on training of taxi drivers will be incalculable. Delores Johnson / The National

Abu Dhabi taxi drivers and their companies can make a significant contribution to achieving the ambitious targets of Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030 (Cabbies pay for their own training, May 22).

Any time you stop at traffic lights in the city, you cannot escape noticing that a great number of the cars waiting for the lights to change are taxis. Unfortunately, the experience people have with them is not always pleasant.

But if taxi drivers can be made to wait at zebra crossings, allowing pedestrians to cross as the law demands, signal when changing lanes or turning, stick to speed limits, let other cars onto the road, behave as good citizens and provide exemplary customer services, that will make a taxi ride a pleasure. By doing so, they can become ambassadors of good driving and civil behaviour on Abu Dhabi roads.

Smarten them up and teach them proper customer service, a safety culture, common courtesies in dealing with passengers and road users, model road behaviour and motivate and reward them. I am sure the qualitative return on the investment will be incalculable.

Shamal Karim, Abu Dhabi

Modi can usher in a new era for India

This refers to the editorial Modi needs to begin his work in earnest (May 22). The big question is, what will Narendra Modi do? Will he keep his old image of Gujarat chief minister, or will he create a new image and new history? Will he be a prime minister for a particular community or he will keep his pre-election promises to develop the condition of each and every citizen through peaceful and harmonious coexistence? Will he keep good relation with Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh? I hope Mr Modi ushers in a golden era for India.

M A Mannan, Abu Dhabi

Airport terminal needs upgrade

I would like to express my grievance against Abu Dhabi’s airport authority.

When we fly to India, we always need to go to Terminal 1A, which is designated for certain nearby destinations. The new terminal is inconvenient and depressing.

At the departure lounge, there is no air conditioning, but the staff insist that the AC is there and it indeed works. We start to sweat as soon as we enter the terminal. The roof is low and there is hardly any space to accommodate all passengers.

Also many passengers are required to stand in a queue outside the gate in the heat. The Duty Free is much smaller than the other one at the main terminal. This is very frustrating. Can someone from the authority please explain?

Name withheld by request

We went nuts on hazelnut spread

I enjoyed reading the article It’s not Nutella without the cheese (May 21). Nutella is world-renowned for its great taste that appeals to most people. The sweet hazelnut spread is used in so many things in this region, including sandwiches and pastries.

Also, recipes that can be prepared with this paste are numerous. Many people have been having Nutella for years now and their love and fondness for it has only increased with time.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

No place in UAE for troublemakers

I congratulate those who caught these men (Nine on trial for running Al Qaeda cell in the UAE, May 20). The most important component of the UAE is its safety. Those who live there realise that it’s one of the safest countries in the world.

I congratulate the police personnel who captured these men. If found guilty, they should be given exemplary punishments so as to deter others from planning similar operations on the UAE’s soil.

Shehab Ahmed Al Ansari, US

Most bikers drive safely

This refers to the news report Warning to bikers across the UAE who flout the law (May 23). The most reckless drives are not bikers. What about those who use emergency lanes to overtake or those who drive with their children on their laps?

Robert Bradley, Dubai

Most bikers drive safely. The problem is with the delivery people, who ride like cowboys.

Bint Muhammad, Abu Dhabi

Published: May 24, 2014 04:00 AM


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