World Championships of Beach Ultimate in Dubai – in pictures

DUBAI // Competitors from 24 real countries and one fake one took part in the World Championships of Beach Ultimate on Monday, as the UAE got a taste of one of the world's most unique sports.

A five-against-five game with unlimited substitutions, Beach Ultimate draws on the rules of American football and basketball.

Played on a 75-metre by 25-metre field, the object is to move the frisbee to a teammate in the end zone.

When a player takes possession of the frisbee they cannot run with it but can pivot on one leg to throw it on and there are no restrictions on how many passes a team can make or in what direction.

The team that reaches 13 points, or is leading after 45 minutes, wins the match.

On the weekend teams were placed in seven different categories with games played across 10 pitches.

For Ahmad Ali Mohammed Al Shamsi, the lone Emirati in the UAE Open side taking part on the beach opposite Jumeirah Beach Residence, it has been a steep learning curve since he took up the game a year ago.

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