Rush to judgement in Dwayne Bowe drugs arrest misguided

Punishment will be meted out once legal system takes its course

Sure, the Kansas City Chiefs could have suspended wide receiver Dwayne Bowe against the Denver Broncos on Sunday after his arrest last weekend for speeding and marijuana possession.

That would have quieted the critics who accuse the league and its teams of professing one thing and doing another with regards to discipline.

Some perspective is required here. Bowe was caught driving at a moderate speed slightly over the limit, not barrelling down the freeway like a Formula One driver. The drug in question has become legal in some states and decriminalised in others.

There is a protocol for offences of this nature. The league investigates, then metes out punishment as warranted after the courts have ruled. So, like it or not, Bowe likely also will take part in the Chiefs-Broncos return match on December 1.

In the meantime, Roger Goodell might want to re-evaluate byes as part of the scheduling format. These transgressions seem to occur disproportionately in off-weeks, as it did for Bowe.

Some fans who are frustrated by inconsistent dispensation of justice in the real world yearn to see it administered with a heavy hand in sports. Count me among another group who cares more about watching the best players play regardless of misbehaviour, within reasonable limits.

Besides, in the grand scheme, Bowe is guilty of one charge: stupidity. That everyone knows how idiotic he can act is penalty enough.