Dos Anjos wastes little time to end Etim's winning run

Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion only needs two rounds to end British lightweight Terry Etim's three-fight winning streak.

ABU DHABI. 10th April 2010. UFC. YAS ISLAND. Rafael Dos Anjos punches Terry Etim  on Yas Island last night (sat)  Stephen  Lock   /  The National

ABU DHABI // Rafael Dos Anjos bounced into The Octagon to fast-paced, aggressive music and the roaring support of a large Brazilian contingent. He left two rounds later in much the same manner, having ended British lightweight Terry Etim's three-fight winning streak. It had started out well for a relaxed looking 24-year-old Etim, from Liverpool, who made his way into the purpose-built arena, at Ferrari World, Yas Island, to Phil Collins' In The Air Tonight and a standing ovation from the British supporters.

As the bell sounded for round one Etim, fresh from three successive wins over Brian Cobb, Justin Buchholz and Shannon Gugerty, threw an impressive unanswered kick to Dos Anjos's upper body before capitalising on an attempted take-down by Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion. The British submission specialist, who has won three "submission of the night" awards since joining the UFC in April 2007, caught his neck and held him in a guillotine but the leverage he needed was not there and Dos Anjos eventually slipped out.

The referee was forced to pull apart an attempted half-guard by Dos Anjos shortly after, apparently because of dubious knees into Etim's back, sending the fighters back to their feet with two minutes left on the clock. The fight soon returned to the ground but, perhaps drained from his earlier attempt at a guillotine, hammer fists thrown by Etim while in mount failed to deliver the desired effect. The round finished with Etim ahead 10 points to nine on the judge's score sheet.

However, the start of the second round saw the 25-year-old, from Rio de Janeiro, on top, escaping Etim's right knee and delivering a ferocious take-down, his right elbow finding Etim's face twice as the Liverpudlian attempted to guard his face. As the Brazilian crowd chanted and stamped their feet, a tangle of arms and legs filled the screens as Dos Anjos struggled to maintain a full-mount three minutes into the fight, slipping back into half guard.

But with 30 seconds left on the clock the Brazilian finally gained full control, forcing Etim's left arm away from his body and into an arm-bar, leaving Dos Anjos to claim his 12th win in 14 professional fights.