Opposing views on India's anti-graft advocate

Fashion is a woman's choice. An article about Lady Gaga's impact on fashion reminds a reader that women can dress as they please. Other letters cover Anna Hazare, China at the UN, Syria's opposition, and the Dubai School of Government.
WK11 NOV lady gaga fashion 4
WK11 NOV lady gaga fashion 4

The people's version of the anti-corruption bill was finally debated and accepted by India's parliament today (Indian anti-graft activist claims victory and will end hunger strike, August 28).

While many consider this a great victory for the people of India, the entire country stands deeply divided on the bill.

Nikhil Vaish, US


Dear Anna Hazare: I invite you to Pakistan. We will welcome you at Wagah border, Lahore, and will make a million-man march to Islamabad and hold a protest in front of the Supreme Court until the chief justice brings the culprits to justice.

You will not need to fast. We will. You will only lead.

Sorry, but Pakistanis want to borrow you until we can find a leader of your stature.

We applaud your achievements in India.

Kanwar Hayat, Dubai


China's troubled foreign policy

Non-intervention can be a very good policy, but consistently blocking legislation in the United Nations meant to rein in tyrants is far from non-intervention (China facing a new reality: it can't always remain neutral, August 28).

Quite the opposite in fact, it is actively supporting murderous tyrants.

Only caring about oil and mineral contracts is selfish and irresponsible for a nation that is emerging as a superpower, but actively blocking legislation in the United Nations meant to rein in these illegitimate, murderous tyrants is aiding and abetting criminals.

The Chinese Communist Party is clinging to power just like Col Muammar Qaddafi is in Libya and just like Bashar Al Assad is in Syria.

Local, state and federal politicians in the United States can be as corrupt as those in other industrialised nations.

But it is the strength and vigour of the safeguards against dishonest government that are important, and doing this while maintaining individual rights is a challenge many nations are too lazy to pursue.

David Connolly, Abu Dhabi

Don't pre-judge Syrian opposition

I disagree with most of what you have said in regards to the Syrian National Council (Syria's opposition has failed to offer a viable alternative, August 28). The information I have is that those who were there represented a very small number of the whole council. I see it as an important step.

But I do agree with you on other points of the article, though I caution that we shouldn't judge yet.

Huge efforts have been put into the Syrian National Council and work is still being carried out on it. Please don't make judgements just yet.

The Syrian National Council is not a project of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood; it is the product of collective effort by many parts of the Syrian opposition.



Dubai school a benefit to nation

I was disappointed to hear about the turnover at the Dubai School of Government (Challenges await Dubai School of Government, August 28). The school has been gaining traction as a strong independent Middle East voice out of the UAE.

Like the Doha Debates and Al Jazeera, it has become one of precious few policy-focused institutions in the region. Amid this season of change, the region needs a diverse policy and debate coordinator like the DSG.

Hopefully there will be a reversal of fortunes soon. I am no expert on think tank structures, but I do note that many global establishments attract private funding besides public donations, and also publish paper quarterlies and online newsletters to a large audience, to build brand. Perhaps DSG could also look to including independent and guest writers.

Athar Mian, Dubai

Going gaga over women's fashion

I write in reference to your story on how one pop star is changing definitions of fashion, making "why?" the new black. (Lady Gaga gives women back the right to dress astonishingly, August 28).

We should take only one message from this news: women have every right to dress how they want.

Name withheld by request

Personal planners offer their praise

In regards to Personal assistance for hire (August 16) . We have been tweeting it since last night. Thanks again for the wonderful piece.

Mohammed Kazim, Dubai

Published: August 29, 2011 04:00 AM


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