Joint exercises show strength of relationship

By training alongside regional countries, the UAE is showing the diversity of its alliances

"Siham Al Haq" (Arrows of Righteousness) joint military exercise between the UAE and Egypt. WAM
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Given continued instability in the region, it is important for the UAE to demonstrate its ability to face any challenge that comes our way. Joint military exercises with Egypt this month are a prime example of our preparedness to defend the homeland and our interests. They also demonstrate the depth of our relationship with the most populous Arab nation.

The exercise, Zayed 2, continued over the past weekend with an air show and demonstrations of our joint firepower and special operations capabilities. Such collaboration is neither new nor surprising. The relationship between the UAE and Egypt is historic and critically strategic. It represents a model for bilateral relations based on both brotherly ties and mutual cooperation in various fields, including defence and security, politics and economics. After all, the two countries have always shared a common vision on many issues, most importantly on the how to achieve stability in the region and fight terrorism.

These joint exercises are critical to show that Arab military cooperation is deep enough to counter any force that seeks to undermine regional security and to stand up to any aggression. They also confirm the UAE’s strategic plan to maintain and strengthen its existing relations, and to build strong political and economic alliances at both the regional and international levels. The region is in a period of flux with some of our traditional allies less engaged than in the past. That has given space to regional groups and countries to assert themselves.

The UAE has already built an army capable of carrying out military missions across borders. We have seen the recent military demonstration Union Fortress, which showcased the capabilities of the county's soldiers from all branches of the armed forces, as they engaged in sophisticated operations using high-tech military equipment.

By conducting these military exercises, the UAE is proving, yet again, its commitment to the development of its capabilities in combat readiness and efficiency. If anything, joint exercises are an effective application of an army’s training and development strategies. They also send a clear message to countries and groups that are trying to undermine the security and stability of the region. Current and future challenges require nothing less than vigilance through diverse partnerships.