New Mushrif Mall market promising

A reader praises the new market in Mushrif mall. Other topics: driving, impersonation, Alex Ferguson, Morocco
A reader says the new market at Mushrif Mall is something Abu Dhabi really needed. Mona Al Marzooqi / The National
A reader says the new market at Mushrif Mall is something Abu Dhabi really needed. Mona Al Marzooqi / The National

The market in Mushrif Mall is fantastic, something the city really needed and the prices are great, especially the meat market (The Market at Mushrif Mall: Changing the food shopping landscape, May 8).

The fish market, particularly the European side, can be a little expensive but still the quality is great. Well done all those involved.

Robert Bradley, Abu Dhabi

It’s time drivers learn to use roads safely

I am writing in reference to Rym Ghazal’s opinion article Fast drivers in the UAE make me so furious with the way they behave (May 8). I don’t know why everyone is in such a hurry here.

It seems like people are jockeying to position themselves in front of the driver ahead of them. This isn’t a race.

Bill Crowder, US

I do the school run and nursery run everyday. It is the most stressful part of my day. I genuinely enjoyed driving back in the UK. But here I’m on tenterhooks. People do not give way when you clearly indicate.

In fact, I see them accelerate, almost like it is a race or some petty power game. Tailgating, driving on the hard shoulder – the list is endless. It isn’t all bad, but people need to slow down.

Jayadevi Machaya Palekanda, Dubai

Drivers completely lose their senses when they get in their 4x4s. As if the purpose of their driving is to show off. Dangerous driving does not make you seem cool. It just shows how incompetent you are to be on the roads.

People do not realise the seriousness of their careless behaviour until it’s too late.

Heather Barnard, Abu Dhabi

Impersonation can be an offence

This refers to the news report Halloween partygoer arrested for dressing up as UAE Armed Forces officer (May 6). Isn’t dressing up as or impersonating security personnel an offence in most countries?

Timothy Johm Holmes, Abu Dhabi

I thought one should dress up as a ghost or ghoul at a Halloween party, not as a member of the Armed Forces.

Name withheld by request

Ferguson’s legacy isn’t that good

This refers to the article Evra didn’t expect season to be ‘this difficult’ ahead of United’s home game (May 6).

I am not a fan of Alex Ferguson, but a fan of Manchester United. His legacy is also that of Matt Busby, which is to play attractive, entertaining football and to give youth a chance where possible. It is this “legacy”, which was the undoing of Moyes. I agree that it was a serious error to appoint him in the first instance and costly too.

This legacy will continue as a true legacy should, like those debutants you wrote about.

The other negative part of the legacy that we have to live with is the press, which previously praised Ferguson and will now pillory him until United win another trophy.

Mark Tracey, Dubai

How is Morocco a model country?

The opinion article Progress and change prove hard-fought in the Maghreb (May 8) seems to be biased towards Morocco. How can you present Morocco as a model of development?

Morocco has 60 per cent illiteracy, 25 per cent unemployment, low per capita income, lower than Egypt and half of Tunisia. It has a debt of $25 billion (Dh91 billion), and ranks 132nd in the world on Human Development Index.

The country has a feudal system where peasants don’t own their dwellings, and generations find themselves with no prospects of development.

Without the continuous assistance of the GCC countries, Morocco will sink into chaos. With such a record, I am unable to understand how all of a sudden Morocco represents a model.

To write about the realities of the country, it is necessary to live among the people, rather than rely on translated books from Arabic.

Mohamed Alhajeri, Dubai

Published: May 10, 2014 04:00 AM


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