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Readers' letters discuss UAE and Canada relations, Indian elections, the situation in Libya and other topics.
Readers are eager for more parks and play spaces in their neighbourhoods. Silvia Razgova / The National
Readers are eager for more parks and play spaces in their neighbourhoods. Silvia Razgova / The National

The report about plans for more new parks (Five parks open, 24 in the pipeline, March 7) was very welcome.

Places for children to play, and for young men to play football informally, are in great demand. I'm always a little sad when I see an impromptu football game going on in a car park.

The leadership in Abu Dhabi Municipality has a lot of vision about improving life here.

Personally I don't like all the regimentation, of small grocery stores and of shop signs for example, but nobody will complain about the parks plan.

Calvin Vaux, Abu Dhabi


Thank you for the story about parks. We came to UAE in 2007, and were lucky to find decent accommodation in Khalifa City A.

But after all this time we are still waiting for any park or children's playground here. Our children and elders are dying to see a green pasture, where they can walk and play.

Mahmood Moosa, Abu Dhabi

How about a park or two here in Mafraq, for those of us in the suburbs?

F Baasleim, Mafraq

When will UAE drop visa fee?

It's nice to know that the UAE and Canada are back in business (March 8).

But it would be nicer to know that the UAE Government will drop the visa fee of 250 Canadian dollars (Dh916) charged each time one of my Canadian relatives or friends wants to visit me here.

Will King, Dubai

New hope for Uttar Pradesh

The election results in five Indian states will bring many lessons to be learnt for the political parties (India elections: a setback for Congress, a snub to Gandhi, March 7).

Akhilesh Yadav has emerged as a big shining star on the horizon of Uttar Pradesh politics. He is all set to take over the reins of a state mired in poverty, unemployment and corruption.

It is the victory not only of the Samajwadi Party but also of a young leader who inspires confidence and hope in the poor. This is a historic opportunity for him to improve the lot of the people and take the state on the highway of progress, prosperity and harmony.

Muneer Ahmad, Abu Dhabi

EU, UN will keep Libya together

The news from Libya (NTC 'will fight' for united Libya, March 8) is very disturbing. The prospect of renewed civil war opens the door to full-blown failed-state status.

Your editorial (Libya's future depends on unity above all, March 8) had the right prescription but solving the problems will be difficult.

But since this failed state - if the worst were to happen - would be right on Europe's doorstep, I fully expect that the EU or the UN will find a way to hold all the squabbling factions together.

Anthony Daoud, Dubai

Who profited in Arabtec trades?

I am trying to understand what happened to Arabtec stock (Arabtec's price turns out too good to be true, March 8). If the share price rose that fast while a government entity, Abaar Investments, was quietly buying in, then who profited? Not Abaar, surely; it paid, one presumes, an inflated price.

Peter Burrell, Dubai

Recognition for delivery workers

As a logistics engineer, I appreciated the story Delivering the Goods (March 8).

People never stop to think that all the goods in all the shops had to be delivered there, and cared for in transit.

Food from Africa or America, manufactured goods from China, raw materials, you name it - it all has to be moved around, stored, and delivered in the right quantity and at the right time, all cheaply and efficiently.

The many hard-working experts in my field don't get enough credit.

Name withheld by request

The triumph of persistence

Europe approves camel milk (March 8) signals a victory for a persistent UAE exporter over European foot-dragging. While Europe is always eager to export, it is industrious in finding ways to limit new imports.

Congratulations to Camelicious and good luck to them in their new market.

M Farook Khan, Abu Dhabi

I was interested in the stories about camel milk, especially the news that this product is so much better, nutritionally, than cow's milk.

I went out and bought some and found that I like the taste, too.

Agnes Raynor, Dubai

Published: March 9, 2012 04:00 AM


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