Maradona should not be burdened with overexpectation

Readers compliment UAE's gesture to US disaster victims and express sympathy for the Emirait officer who was shot in the US. They also resent the facetious remarks made by the Iranian president over riots in England.
Al Wasl's head coach Diego Maradona appears on the pitch earlier this week. A reader cautions that people should be realistic about Maradona's performance instead of being enamoured by his fame. Mike Young / The National
Al Wasl's head coach Diego Maradona appears on the pitch earlier this week. A reader cautions that people should be realistic about Maradona's performance instead of being enamoured by his fame. Mike Young / The National

In the US, our evening television news often is full of bad news; right now the major story is about economic instability. Depressing.

But tonight one of the major national TV channels had a story that warmed my heart.

It was about the UAE's donation of $1 million in computers and other aid for the students of tornado-ravaged Joplin, Missouri. (UAE pledges $1m for tornado victims, Aug 11).

I live thousands of miles from Joplin and don't know who was affected in that terrible disaster. But the UAE is much farther away, and still chose to help Americans.

I want to extend a profound "thank you" to the people of the UAE for this wonderful act of compassion and generosity.

It is unexpected - no one thinks of the US as needing anything - yet most welcome.

Many years ago, I travelled through Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. I was young and wanted to see the world and how others lived; it was an adventure. People treated me with great kindness and graciousness. I came home thinking of Arabs as generous, peaceful people.

My great hope is that other Americans now will reflect on how the UAE has helped them and draw the same conclusion. Compassion is the great unifier among peoples. The UAE has demonstrated it wisely.

Elizabeth Rhodes, US

Condolences to Emirati officer

I refer to your article US mosque community's grief for Emirati gunshot victim (Aug 11). There is a major problem with criminals like this in the US.

Condolences to Mr Al Mazroui and his family for their loss.


Appreciating a Muslim role model

The article Ants parable 'timely warning for Arab nations' (Aug 5) doesn't even begin to do justice to a man (Sheikh Hamza Yusuf) who may have single-handedly started an Islamic revival movement, Islamic soft power, that we still feel the ripples of today.

The reporter should have mentioned not only how important he is to Muslims in the West, but how equally important it is for Muslims in the East to learn from the Muslims of the West as they have a lot to teach them, and Sheikh Hamza is best suited for that mission.

In the US, he is held in the highest esteem and respect by the Muslim community and we are extremely lucky and honoured to have him here with us in this blessed month.

None of this came across in this article. It failed to introduce this singular individual to people who may not be familiar with him.

S Yousif, Abu Dhabi

Absurd riots comparison

I refer to your article Iran gloats over English riots, chastises politicians (Aug 11).

Let's bring 100 "protesters" arrested from the London "uprising" and 100 arrested from the post-election "rioting" (assuming they are still alive) and send them to a third country to be interviewed about their grievances and how they were treated while in custody. Put up or shut up!

Donald Glass, Abu Dhabi

If Mr Ahmadinejad feels so badly for the looters in England, perhaps he would like to invite them to go and live in Iran.

I'm sure they will all be very happy together, seeing as how the former is so big on human rights and the latter are so hard done by.

MRB, Dubai

Good imagery

Duncan Fletcher defends his India batsmen in swinging conditions (Aug 10) is a well written article.

I particularly enjoyed reading this quote: "[The club] seem to hunt as a pack well, and they have an intensity about them," said Fletcher.

It brings a great image to mind.

Perkins Slade, Dubai

Maradona is only a human being

We should be realistic (A Clockwork Argentine, Aug 9). It's Maradona, so what? He's only a human being.

I'm pretty sure he'd get sick of articles like this.

The more important factor is to see results and his dedication to his team.

Abdulla Al Fadhli, Abu Dhabi

An inconvenient copyright truth

Dubizzle is probably in the wrong for publishing photos posted by other than their original owners but I can't think of a way any website would be able to block them (Dubizzle in copyright wrangle, Aug 11).

Do you think websites like Flickr have some sort of magical computer network to find and remove every offending image?

JC, Dubai

Published: August 12, 2011 04:00 AM


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