Lip service from Lush: our top picks from the new range

Look after your lips this season with the latest cosmetics from Lush. Available now, in stores across the UAE, are a novel range of handbag sized products to refresh your mouth and brighten your smile.

Here are our March must-haves:

Toothy Tabs

The concept isn’t new but the colours and finishes are. These tooth tabs are meant to be nibbled just before you start brushing when the powder will turn into a foamy paste. The end result is a deep clean and a sheen on your teeth either — golden, silvery, sparkling or glowing white. Make your grate great for Dh65.

Tooth Powder

For food-lovers, the new selection of tooth powders from Lush might put paid to any cravings. Some of the more unusual pots contain blends of mint, watercress, wasabi and spearmint — guaranteed to leave your mouth zinging. To use, simply dip your toothbrush into the powder and brush as if using toothpaste. Pick up a 35g pot for just Dh55.

Lip Tint

Take your mouth to the tropics with the Sunkissed lip tint this month. The product is packed with fresh banana and oatmeal to soften and moisturise, while sweet almond oil provides a petal-pink sheen. Non-greasy and long-lasting, it’s a winner at Dh68.

Lip Balm

The Honey Trap lip balm by Lush is a powerhouse pot that not only contains the best honey around, but also wheat germ, olive and carnauba wax to help protect and plump lips all day. The extra-thick balm is an SOS for dry lips and is priced at Dh50.

To see the full range go to the website.