M Is All About: A healthy and fun start to spring

People, places and things on our hot list this week, from retro bags to the newest place to get healthy eats in Abu Dhabi.
The Organic Foods & Café supermarket in Masdar City stocks some of our favourites such as "Yogi" tea. Sammy Dallal / The National
The Organic Foods & Café supermarket in Masdar City stocks some of our favourites such as "Yogi" tea. Sammy Dallal / The National

New openings: Masdar City eats

After hearing so much about Masdar City we decided to finally visit the remote locale ourselves. With the only Japanese and organic food deliveries in the capital, we just had to see the places we were eating from. After a comfortable 20-minute drive towards Khalifa City, confusing directions to the parking area and a ride in a shuttle bus, we made it to the dramatic wood-and-steel building. We eventually found the Organic Foods & Café supermarket, which stocks some of our favourites such as "Yogi" tea, some unexpected others including nappies, toothpaste and ethnic foods as well as a small selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. The Japanese restaurant Sumo offers decent salads, bento and sushi but by far the greatest asset of both establishments is the delivery service they provide, even all the way to the city centre. Plus, with Organic Foods & Café you can even place your order online and pay cash on delivery.

Masdar City, opposite Presidential Flight past Etihad Plaza in Khalifa City A. Organic Foods & Café, 02 557 1406, www.organicfoodsandcafe.com. Sumo Sushi & Bento, 02 557 0500, www.sumosushi.net


Tea time

Forget stamps and coins, our new collectables are tea cups - the older and more frumpy looking the better. Our best grandmother-approved sets can be found in Zara Home, where perfectly mismatched florals are the standard. We grabbed as many of these wide-rimmed cups and saucers as we could fit into our stuffed kitchen cupboards. They can add a quirky touch to afternoon tea with guests or lift your sleepy mood first thing in the morning.

Dh55 each, Zara Home, Marina Mall, 02 681 5560; Dubai Mall, 04 399 9105, and elsewhere


Shoe saviour

We've lost count of the number of shoes we've wrecked by catching them in grating, on cobbled pavement, and even on the lawn at a wedding. The grass stains have never come out, so imagine our delight at these ingenious little plastic heel guards that slide onto the end of your stiletto and have a wide base to stop you slipping into cracks. Who needs Prince Charming to rescue your glass slipper now?

Dh60, clear or black, Boom&Mellow, Mall of the Emirates, 04 341 3993, www.boomandmellow.com



Our handbags are filled with essentials (wallet, organiser) and even more extras (antibacterial wipes, lipstick). The last thing we need to do is add to that long list, even something as crucial as a compact mirror. That's where these Kleenex Pocket Packs come in - they combine that essential tissue pack with a (very) small mirror. In the week since we discovered it in the supermarket this packet has saved many a make-up-in-taxi disaster (think Bridget Jones).

Dh1, LuLu hypermarkets across the UAE


Bags with attitude

When we saw these bags, we not only laughed out loud at their fun retro graphics but also because of the feminine truisms they boast. An accessory that says it all when you don't dare utter that snappy comment going through your head (yes, it happens to us all), Anne Taintor's fabulous range of bags will do the talking for you. Vintage images of "domestic divas" combined with witty irony make Taintor's fun, smart shopping bags a must-have accessory.

Anne Taintor bags, Dh50 each, Maison Sucre, Zayed the First Street, 02 639 6622


Munch away the pounds

Diet? Fat chance. Here at M we hate diets; even the word makes us reach for the biscuit tin. But like most women across the globe we've tried them all in a bid to lose those few "won't budge off your thighs" pounds and inches. If, like us, you aren't the perfect model type with giraffe length (and width!) legs, then the new "drop a jeans size" challenge by Special K cereal could be worth a go. The idea is to replace your breakfast with a serving of Special K and then replace either lunch or dinner with another serving and have a third, well-balanced meal of your choice. Eating cereal all day, every day doesn't sound that thrilling but those in the know at Kellogg's have assured us that you can still eat healthy snacks. Round out your diet with fruit, vegetables and low-fat foods and throw in some regular exercise to your busy routine and it doesn't sound too bad, does it?


M Giveaway

We're giving away Special K hampers, along with a pair of Miss Sixty jeans, to two lucky readers. The winners, of course, will get to choose the size and style of their new jeans. To enter, send your details to mgiveaway@thenational.ae with the words "Special K" in the subject line.


Published: February 19, 2011 04:00 AM


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