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Beyond hatha: 10 unusual yoga classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to try

Stretch and flex your muscles while trying out alternative postures in these UAE studios

Aerial, swing or hammock yoga is offered at many yoga spots in the UAE, including The Studio in Abu Dhabi, pictured. Photo: Instagram / TheStudioUAE
Aerial, swing or hammock yoga is offered at many yoga spots in the UAE, including The Studio in Abu Dhabi, pictured. Photo: Instagram / TheStudioUAE

1. Aerial yoga

Yoga La Vie, Dubai

This class at the Palm Jumeirah studio is a lot of fun, as a yoga hammock is used as a prop to help you work through a series of standing postures, planks and inversions that allow you to build strength and flexibility, while feeling as though you’re flying. The class finishes with savasana, which you do while wrapped in the silk hammock. It’s suitable for all levels and single classes cost Dh126.

Palm Jumeirah, www.yogalaviedubai.com (also available at The Studio in Abu Dhabi)

2. Hasya yoga (laughter yoga)

Miracles, Dubai

This is no joke, as laughter yoga asks participants to mix breathing techniques with laughing and claims benefits such as a boost in self confidence and a more positive outlook on life to name a few. You can attend a two-day laughter yoga training course from the Laughter Yoga University and Dr Kataria's School of Laughter Yoga at Dubai's Miracles wellness centre in Barsha Heights. Dates and prices on request.

Barsha Heights, www.miraclesworldwide.com

3. Mum and baby yoga

MPDS, Dubai

The acrobatic yoga and Pilates studio in JLT also has a class for new mums looking to connect with their babies. The 60-minute class focuses on strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, as well as any other areas of the body that feel tension from taking care of a newborn. Single classes at this studio cost Dh105.

JLT, www.mpds.ae

4. Aroma yoga

Inspire, Dubai

Essential oils are used in some of the 90-minute classes at Inspire yoga studio in Al Manara, creating unique sessions that will leave you feeling relaxing and smelling great. The classes that incorporate scent are restorative aroma yoga with yoga nidra and yin aroma yoga with sound bath meditation, and both see yogis hold restorative poses for longer periods, using props. The focus is on stillness and relaxation. Packages start from Dh950 for 10 sessions.

Al Manara, www.inspiremeyoga.net

5. Jivamukti

Yoga House, Dubai

Jivamukti yoga was founded in the 1980s in New York, looking to appeal to city-dwellers at the time who wanted a class that incorporated both the spiritual foundations of the practice and the exercise element. It’s a vinyasa-based class that also includes some chanting, meditation and modern music. It’s good for all levels. Single class passes at Yoga House in The Greens cost Dh100.

The Greens, www.yogahouse.ae

6. Kundalini

Life N One, Dubai and The Hot House, Abu Dhabi

This school of yoga is influenced by Shaktism and Tantra schools of Hinduism and derives its name from kundalini energy. It encompasses movement, breathing techniques, meditation and mantra chanting, and is broken down into the practice of kriyas (completed actions), of which there are thousands.

Life N One in Jumeirah 1 offers a variety of Kundalini yoga classes throughout the week, with prices starting from Dh110 for a drop-in single class. In Abu Dhabi, you can find classes at The Hot House in Al Zeina, with prices starting from Dh80.

The Greens, www.lifenone.com; Al Zeina, www.thehothouseuae.com

7. Yin Yang Yoga

The Studio, Abu Dhabi

You may have heard of Yin Yoga, but what about a Yin Yang class? The Studio on the Corniche offers a class based on the Taoist concept of yin and yang, which are opposite and yet complementary principles in nature. Yin is stability, as yang is ever changing, so the class incorporates the best of both worlds – using asana and breath work to warm up the muscles and lubricate the joints, while going into deep stretches and restoring your body. Classes start from Dh75.

Corniche, www.thestudiouae.com

8. Yoga Nidra

Nilaya House, Dubai

Often referred to as ‘yogic sleep’, Yoga Nidra offers a space to rest your body somewhere between sleep and consciousness that’s said to be good for emotional and physical healing. Attendees are led into that parasympathetic state typically through a guided meditation. Single visit classes cost Dh110.

Al Quoz, www.nilayahouse.com

9. Yogalates

Zen Yoga, Dubai

This class, as the name suggests, combines both yoga and Pilates, taking the best of both disciplines and forming a new type of balanced exercise that focuses on your breath and core. It's fun and functional. Zen Yoga in Dubai, which has branches in Media City, Emirates Hills and Umm Suqeim, offers classes from Dh100.

Across Dubai, www.yoga.ae

10. Yoga in the dark

Shimis, Dubai

Shimis is a chic new yoga studio in the trendy Al Serkal Ave area, and they have a yoga studio they call 'the box' which is a dark room with just some mood lighting that is heated to around 26 to 32 degrees Celsius using infrared panels.

Al Serkal Ave, Al Quoz, www.shimis.com


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