(Updated) Video: iPhone 4 with UAE reception issues

UPDATE: Consumer Reports has put out a great video documenting this problem. What the world needs more of, is science. I've added their video at the end of the post.

Someone in the newsroom bought an iPhone 4 while on holiday in the UK recently. While others gathered around to marvel at the beautiful screen and seriously gorgeous industrial design (this is the best looking phone ever made), from the moment I saw it there was only one thing to do.

Rip it out of its case, hold it by its bottom left corner, and giggle with delight as the reception went from five bars to zero like a man falling down a flight of stairs. And of course, dear reader, we caught it all on video. Watch the reception, in the top-left corner, dive like an Italian soccer player.

iPhone 4 in the UAE from tomgara on Vimeo.

Yep, the famous reception issue seems to strike here in the UAE just like it does anywhere else. And while Apple say a software patch will "fix" the problem of the phone getting confused about how much reception it really has, it seemed more serious than just a graphical tweak to us. Once the phone was down to zero bars, we couldn't make or receive calls to save our lives.

UPDATE: Not long after posting this,

released their own, infinitely better and more thorough video, involving signal-proof rooms and some serious testing equipment. Check it out: