Louis Vuitton pop-up shop opens in Dubai Mall

Why Louis Vuitton's new outlet is a credit to the label's retail stylists.

The entrance of the Louis Vuitton pop-up store in Dubai. Courtesy Louis Vuitton

That most thoroughly modern concept, the pop-shop shop, has fast evolved into something more than just a marketing stunt. These days, it's an exhibit, an event, a talking point, with a design and ambience to match the real thing. As you would expect of Louis Vuitton, their pop-up, now open in Dubai Mall, is all of these things. It may be temporary, but it's timelessly grand and a stunning credit to LV's retail stylists.

The interior evokes the style of an opulent French salon, so in the women's section, it's all antique crystal chandeliers, rich velvet furnishings and fancy Venetian mirrors. In the men's department, the Chesterfield sofa, heavy brass lighting and rich, dark walls recreate the look of a traditional gentleman's club.

The collection is exclusively dedicated to men's and women's evening shoes - a range has been specifically chosen for wear during the end of year party season, and which emphasises the fun, flighty pop-up concept.

Situated in the centre of Dubai's new "Shoe District", the pop-up shop will be in situ until March 2013. The following month will see the opening of Louis Vuitton's first dedicated shoe store.

Louis Vuitton, Shoe District, Ground Floor, Dubai Mall