Whey 2 Go’s guilt-free, high-protein ice cream is a healthy dessert option

At zero grams of sugar and 23 grams of protein, and less fat than regular ice creams, Whey 2 Go seems almost too good to be true.

When I decide to eat ice cream, I go for it: full-fat, full flavour.

But Whey 2 Go protein ice cream has me rethinking this approach. With about 50 to 100 fewer calories in a 100 gram serving than regular ice cream – depending on whether you choose chocolate, vanilla or strawberry – and 11 to 14 grams less fat, it’s already an attractive option.

Regular ice cream has only four or five grams of protein in a ­portion – Whey 2 Go has a whopping 23g in a 100g serving.

But here’s the real sell, for me: this product doesn’t make up for any of this by adding sugar, as most low-calorie, low-fat products do. It has zero grams of sugar, compared with the 22 or 23 in regular ice cream.

The most important part is that it is also absolutely delicious – creamy and rich, with tons of flavour, just like a Häagen-Dazs or Ben & Jerry’s. I could not find anything to criticise. And now when I treat myself, I’m going to feel really good about it.

•Whey 2 Go costs Dh15 for 100 grams at Lifestyle Nutrition branches across Abu Dhabi and Dubai; at Tribe Fitness, Dubai ­Marina; Prison Break Gym, Al Barsha and Fitness Zone, JLT