Dubai’s The Protein Bake Shop expands range of healthy biscuits and desserts

Protein Truffles made by The Protein Bake Shop. Courtesy Rashi Chowdhary
Protein Truffles made by The Protein Bake Shop. Courtesy Rashi Chowdhary

I usually opt for home-cooked meals and snacks, to control the nutritional content and portion size, but sometimes do look outward to indulge sweet cravings. And then begins the tedious task of scouring stores for the healthiest in the lot of chocolate bars, biscuits and cakes.

My recent find is The Protein Bake Shop in Dubai, which takes the guesswork out of healthy post-dinner and midday treats and desserts. Founder and Dubai-based nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary created the Protein Power, Paleo Clean Eats and Chocotein range last year to meet goals of those looking to lose weight, eat clean and up their protein intake, without having to give up all the good stuff. Recent additions to the range are Fitscuits (chocolate biscuits) and Protein Truffles, which swap wheat with almond and arrowroot flour, sugar with honey, milk chocolate with 70 per cent dark chocolate, dairy with coconut milk and a protein boost with whey protein isolate.

The other ingredients that go into the confectionery sold at PBS include dates, avocado, bananas, nuts, coconut oil, cinnamon and flaxseed.

The products can be ordered from the PBS website, which has tied up with the Down To Earth organic food store in Dubai for delivery. You can choose goodies including chocolate cookies, almond butter and paleo pizzas, after reading up on the ingredients and nutritional value. But to order online you will have to make a purchase of Dh100, which could be unappealing to a first-timer, who just wants to test it out. The range is also available at Greenheart Organic Farms, Milk and Honey Gourmet Grocer and will soon stocked at some Choithrams supermarkets, as well.

If you find dark chocolate too bitter or are opposed to the taste of coconut derivatives, these alternatives to sugary desserts and biscuits will take some getting used to. And the use of specific natural and organic ingredients means the small packs cost more than a regular box of sweets in the supermarket. For example, a pack of four truffles cost Dh50, while two chocolate cookies cost Dh30.

The options at PBS are great for people with gluten sensitivities, dairy intolerance and diabetics, too. I thought the truffles — with 7gms protein — made for a toothsome and satisfying addition, without any of the guilt.

Published: December 11, 2014 04:00 AM


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