Cyclone Shaheen death toll rises to 14

Death toll in Oman rises in aftermath of devastating storm

The death toll from Cyclone Shaheen that crashed through Oman, on Thursday rose to 14 after the discovery of a body of a person who had been missing since the storm.

Omani state television made the announcement, increasing the number of victims in the country to 12.

In Iran, authorities found the bodies of two fishermen killed in the storm. Others are still missing.

The cyclone made landfall on Sunday with winds reaching up to 150 kilometres an hour.

The storm quickly lost power and was downgraded, but it caused flooding and damage across Oman, a country on the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula.

Oman this week began to clean up the damage, an operation that could cost the government millions of rials.

Recovery crews and utility workers have started work after the severe storm destroyed homes, damaged infrastructure and forced more than 5,000 people into temporary accommodation.

Most of the damage is in Oman’s Batinah region, in the towns of Al Musannah, Suwaiq, Saham, Khabourah and Sohar, which were hit by 110kph winds and 12-metre waves.

Towns were turned into “rivers and lakes” when the cyclone raged, from Saturday to Monday.

Relief workers, a mix of municipality employees and volunteers, said damage to the Batinah region was extensive and its restoration could take months.

Cyclone Shaheen was formed from the remains of Cyclone Gulab, which began as a depression in the Bay of Bengal on September 24.

Cyclone Gulab lashed India’s east coast with heavy rainfall but then weakened as it moved west across the country, before intensifying again as it reached the Arabian Sea on India’s west coast, becoming Cyclone Shaheen last Friday.

Updated: October 8th 2021, 4:30 AM