Fat and football

Even pro athletes, it seems, fall for junk food. A fitness expert at Al Jazira club complains that players eat too much KFC. Maybe management should buy them some healthy meals.

Why do people love junk food so much? Because it tastes good. But fatty, high-calorie grease doesn't exactly drive us to excel. It's better consumed while lounging on the couch, watching television. Which makes word that a UAE football powerhouse has players who actually crave fried chicken so surprising.

As The National reports today, a trainer with the professional football club Al Jazira expressed his frustration that his players eat too much KFC. He encourages his team to adopt healthy eating habits.

It may come as no shock for anyone who has lived in the UAE that athletes, too, can't resist the culinary temptation of chain food. This fondness for empty calories has even prompted authorities to ban school canteens from selling burgers, chips and sugary drinks.

George Foreman, former heavyweight champion and one of the greatest punchers of all time, once attributed his success to healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. He has an indoor grill named after him: the George Foreman Grill, designed in such a way as to allow as much fat as possible to be drained away.

If Al Jazira footballers like burgers so much, they probably should get themselves one such grill. Though to be fair, football, with all the running, is probably more work than throwing a couple of jabs.

Published: August 23, 2011 04:00 AM