Evictions are necessary for safety

A reader says overcrowded and ilegally modified villas are a hazard. Other topics: smoking, marriage, animal cruelty and garment factories.

A reader says evictions are necessary for health and safety reasons in cases where villas are overcrowded or have been illegally modified. Silvia Razgova / The National
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American retailers should sign up to code on factories

Market will shape conditions in garment factories (May 31) is an extremely well written article that makes the injustice in these places very clear.

The solutions offered make it possible for Bangladeshi workers to escape oppressive poverty and hazardous environments.

American retailers Gap and Wal-Mart must sign on to the timely and binding agreement other companies have signed, as this is the bare minimum for proactive remediation.

Consumers have to be aware that the two retailers are powerful actors in global apparel production, perhaps the most powerful.

We must use our leverage to hold corporations to account for deaths and injustices within their supply chains.

K Hinze, US

Education needed on animal cruelty

I am writing about Sale of wild animals exposed (May 15).

It saddens me to see an increase of animal abuse and neglect cases, especially when exotic animals are being viewed simply as "status symbols".

This speaks to the ignorance and plain cruelty of some owners.

The government should start educating children in schools as well as enforcing animal cruelty laws.

This is the only way to curb these sales and to ensure the survival of wild animals.

J Perritt, Abu Dhabi

Divorce linked to decline in faith?

I am writing in reference to Asmaa Al Hameli's blog post, Marriage is an unplanned commitment in the UAE (May 23).

If you go back two or three generations, you will find that people used to get married early, had lots of children and led a happy married life in general.

One aspect of that bygone era was that people were more religious, and I believe there is a definite correlation between this fact and the divorce rate.

Since we know that people used to marry early in previous generations and were happy in general, that leads us to the point that it can't be the age of marriage that's the problem.

Rather, it's people's expectations that have changed, and the fact that they have gone away from religious priorities.

This is certainly something to think about.

Name withheld by request

I believe that marriage is falling in love with the same person over and over again.

Separation should be an option only when it becomes abusive and life-threatening.

I think in Africa, where I come from, we have a better concept of marriage than seems to apply elsewhere.

I am proud of that.

G Asongwe, Dubai

Evictions a must for safety's sake

I refer to Eviction threat on illegal housing (May 20), about overcrowding in some villas.

It is essential for these evictions to go ahead, because the occupancy law is there to protect people - residents, neighbours and the community at large.

Fire safety is a genuine and serious concern when occupancy levels are exceeded.

Illegal partitioning, and cramming furniture and personal effects into small spaces create real risks to life and property.

Bassem P Fakhry, Abu Dhabi

Research may be put to good use

It was interesting to read the editorial On the seventh day (May 31), about research from the UK indicating certain days are better for safe driving and other days see more accidents.

Perhaps this research can offer some clues to those investigating driver safety in the UAE, and accidents can be averted.

K Ragavan, India

Young smokers just copy parents

Regarding Rise in young smokers causes concern (May 31), if children see mum and dad smoke, of course they are going to smoke.

Maricela Ann, US

Dubai among the top destinations

I am writing in response to Dubai to have more visitors than New York or Paris: Mastercard (May 29).

I think Dubai and London are currently the best destinations for leisure and shopping.

Jose Hernandez, UK