Dh2.5m for worthy causes in Sharjah

The initiatives have been launched to celebrate the UAE's 43rd National Day.

Sharjah Charity has launched seven initiatives worth Dh2.5 million to assist husbands and wives-to-be, hospital patients, elderly citizens and workers to mark the UAE’s 43rd National Day.

Sultan Matar bin Dalmuk, board member of Sharjah Charity, said the initiatives have been launched to celebrate the National day in line with Sharjah Charity’s keenness to engage in community participation.

Mr bin Dalmuk said that the initiatives include a mass wedding for 43 grooms at a cost of Dh1 million, paying the debts of prisoners to have them released (Dh500,000), a campaign to visit patients in hospitals and give them gifts, a campaign to visit and assist the elderly in their homes in recognition for their contribution to the establishment of the Union, handing out winter clothes and blankets to 1,000 workers and distributing food to poor families.

Under the seventh initiative, food will also be distributed to poor families in Egypt, Solamia, Burundi, Nigeria and Bangladesh.


Published: November 25, 2014 04:00 AM