Clarity over speed limits needed to reduce deaths

Other letters discuss deportation of ill man, a classic UAE car, price of water, Al Jazira Football Club, modest clothing, recycling and child's weekly joy.
A reader says lack of awareness about speed limits has been the cause of accidents. Delores Johnson / The National
A reader says lack of awareness about speed limits has been the cause of accidents. Delores Johnson / The National

I disagree with the point made in your article New E-11 speed limit cuts accidents by a third (August 2).

This is total nonsense. The only reason there is a reduction in accidents is because it's now clear to everyone what the speed limit is. It has nothing to do with the speed itself.

Previously not everyone knew that you can drive up to 160kph and that caused accidents due to confusion among motorists.

If the authorities had posted new signs restricting the speed to 140kph and that the radars will catch you at 160kph, it would have given the same result (a reduction in accidents).

Motorists simply want clarity.

Ziad Q, Dubai

Sad deportation for ill man

Your article Man denied UAE entry over malaria suspicions (August 3) is a very touching story.

Although every country has the right to refuse admission for whoever it wishes, this case does not portray the UAE in a good light and needs to be thoroughly investigated.

On the face of it, it does seem that this matter was not handled in a humane manner notwithstanding the fact that the airport officials may have had good reasons for their actions.

The basic sanctity of human life appears to have been grossly abused.

Name withheld by request

Remembering a classic UAE car

Thank you so much for your article on the Moon Leopard, the first car to be built in the UAE. I am Jean-Guy Jules' wife and I was in Jebel Ali in 1988 for this fantastic project.

Jean-Guy is the father and owner of this project and he gave everything he had. We went back to France with the Moon Leopard and for more than 10 years we loved this car.

Jean-Guy died in 2008 and his young son and I miss him and your country very much. But thank you for understanding what he was trying to do.

Eliane Jules, France

Price of water still unreasonable

I refer to your article Restaurants' charges for water 'wrong and illegal' (July 10).

I just paid Dh30 for a 1.5 litre of water and Dh15 for 500ml at a hotel in Dubai. The water cost 50 per cent of the simple meal. That is robbery.

Also, the restaurant staff were not even interested in receiving feedback and suggested taking it up with the management.

Darren Tan, Dubai

Compensation for Al Jazira unfair

The idea that Al Jazira club is seeking compensation from the Argentina Football Association (AFA) is funny (Grondona: Sabella's appointment will not be criticised in Argentina, July 29). Alejandro Sabella decided to take charge of the Argentinian national team after he had signed a year-long contract with the Emirati club.

This is nothing compared to what Emirati clubs do to players or national and foreign coaches.

One coach was fired while he was in an airplane on his way to the UAE to start his job.

Emirati clubs should respect everyone and not fire them over petty things.

Abdulla Al Fadhli, Abu Dhabi

Mockery not modesty

I refer to your article Modesty the latest buzz in fashion (July 30).

To me, putting on a scarf while dressing in a manner that does not leave anything the imagination is not modest but a mockery of the concept of a hijab.

The Islamic Sharia only lays down four basic principles of dress. Anyone, no matter which country they are from, can modify their attire.


Extra effort for easier recycling

It is difficult for those, like me, living in flats with no extra space to keep a big bag of recycle items. (Landfills bulge with plastic bottles, July 13)

Authorities should assign special bags for recyclable items, to throw them in our regular rubbish chute.

Building managers should also assign people to separate and pick up those bags.

Name withheld by request

We spotted a difference

The four-year-old in our household loves your Tuesday's "Spot the Difference" game so much.

Imagine the high drama caused by its omission this week! Please can we have it back?

Ann Lock, Australia.

Published: August 4, 2011 04:00 AM


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