Soak up a good story with Sony’s Xperia Z2 tablet

Sony's Xperia Z2 tablet is completely waterproof allowing users to read books in the bath or take underwater pictures.
The Xperia Z2 tablet by Sony is priced at Dh2,499. Pawan Singh / The National
The Xperia Z2 tablet by Sony is priced at Dh2,499. Pawan Singh / The National

Some things are best left to Hollywood to depict. Things like a fairytale romance, following your dreams or reading a book in the bath – perhaps the messiest of all. The pages get wet, stick together and when they dry, they wrinkle. It’s a nightmare and for many, a luxury not worth pursuing – until now.

Sony’s Xperia Z2 tablet is wholly waterproof. I’m tempted to end this review here, because a waterproof tablet is a marvel and everyone should have one. You can read as many e-books in the bath as you please, or kick back in the jacuzzi and watch a film or take pictures underwater in the pool.

But let’s carry on. The 10.1-inch tablet is super-slim at just 6.9mm and light, weighing just 426g for the Wi-Fi model, perhaps the lightest tablet of its size on the market at the moment. It fits seamlessly into your handbag or briefcase and is extremely portable and comfortable to hold, even with one hand, so no need to worry about strained wrists.

With the full HD LED screen, watching films and videos is thoroughly enjoyable. Given the position of the speakers on the lower sides of the device, however, you do end up covering them up with your hands every so often.

Sony’s one ethos has been extended to the tablet. The company is trying to align all of its businesses into its mobile devices, which means quick and easy access to its movies, songs and games as well as making use of its camera and display technologies.

While the Xperia Z2 tablet has a camera, it is just 8.1mp and no flash, so it really isn’t a device to explore your inner photographer.

It runs on Google’s Android operating system, so you can have access to plenty of applications on the playstore, rendering the device a great option not just for play, but for work as well.

The battery life was one of the best I’ve experienced on a tablet and it is waterproof, so well worth its retail price of Dh2,499.

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Published: May 4, 2014 04:00 AM


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