Bravo to the men of the Pro League

The fourth week of the 2010/11 Pro League season ended at 9.50pm on Sunday, September 26.

Last season, the first week of the 2090/10 Pro League season began on Friday, September 25.

Thus, the players of the Pro League were finishing their fourth week of play this season just as they were entering their first week, a year ago.

Let's give the players and coaches -- and fans -- credit for sweating through some truly dreadful weather those first three weeks. With temperatures at game time in the 40s, with brutal humidity.

The level of play was as high as could possibly be expected given the brutal climatic conditions, and by the third week, almost every team was running and playing hard. The Wasl-Baniyas game springs to mind.

Those of us who have watched the matches ... we say "bravo", to all of you, players and coaches. And take heart in that it almost certainly will be less taxing from here on out, as summer finally begins to loosen up its death grip on the country.