Blame the state for political riots in both cases

The political class bears the real blame for Britain's riots, a letter-writer says. Other topics: cosmetics labels, burst pipes, Dirty Dancing, and the US role in Iraq.
Readers blame political marginalisation and the culture of celebrity for the recent UK riots. Glenn Copus / AP
Readers blame political marginalisation and the culture of celebrity for the recent UK riots. Glenn Copus / AP

Alan Philps's commentary Gangland culture takes over where UK society leaves off (Aug 12) is analytical and relevant to a point.

There are valid comparisons and parallels to draw between the "Arab Spring" and the British riots even though their causes may be at variance with each others. It is not critical or necessary for two causes to be aligned for parallels to be drawn to relevance.

Both street uprisings are political. You cannot put their political demands and their causes into a single basket and shake it to determine their legitimacy.

Britain's poor, marginalised and displaced are no different to any other country's displaced, marginalised and poor. On all sides, they have had no voice while the resources of the state funded by their taxes keep being apportioned to the rich and the well connected. It is a worldwide phenomenon with its genesis in the US from which we all sadly take our cue.

The recent riots in Britain are like a volcano just belching ash for now. What will come out of all of this will be a more hardened and divided underclass.

Britain has more services for its new migrants than it has for its own.

Gopal Raj Kumar, Malaysia

I'm sure if the gilded politicians and purveyors of the nanny state had only watched the talkshow The Jeremy KyleShow, they would have gained a horrifying insight to the seething underclass who believe they are entitled to welfare, for which they are not required to give anything back to the community or largersociety.

There is a common belief that "celebrity" is a worthwhile ambition, no matter that it destroys the soul. A cohesive family unit is no longer the norm. Sometimes we have to really stand up and say no more.

Alas I feel that we have gone too far in the wrong direction.

It is not only in the UK that this is a poison, but in any country where welfare does not carry responsibility.

Lee-Avinne O'Farrell, Abu Dhabi

Read cosmetics label for safety

I refer to The beauty spy: On reading the small print (M magazine August 13).

The ingredients found in cosmetics can make a profound difference to skin appearance.

This can be either positive or negative, as I've heard from many friends who have had allergic reactions to cosmetics, a result which could have been avoided had they simply followed your advice and read the label.

Cathy Doggins, US

Consider bigger hunger issues

The National ran a front-page story and a half-page spread about a woman who was given only two bottles of water because her apartment has no main supply (Residents rough it as the Palm taps run dry, Aug 11).

Get a grip Dubai, get off your couch and head down to the shop and get yourself some more; or should we expect someone to do it for us?

While you're there, put Dh1.5 (the cost of two litres of fresh, ice-cold drinking water) into the collection box for the 30,000 children who have recently died during the drought in Somalia and elsewhere in East Africa over recent months.

Paul Basford, Dubai

Movie's magic was one-of-a-kind

Re: Can the original magic of Dirty Dancing be recreated? (Aug 14).

Absolutely agree. The magic will never be recaptured no matter who is the director.

Sue Tabashnik, Dubai

Time to trade regionally

I refer to the article World view bleak but picture looks brighter in the Middle East (Aug 14).

Time for Asians to trade more among themselves to spur their economies into shape.

Khawar Nehal, Dubai

Stay away from Syrian problems

The US needs to stay far away from what is going on in Syria (US calls for Syria to be cut adrift (Aug 14).

George W Bush has already got the US involved in two wars in which it should have never got involved with in the capacity in which it is involved in them now.

It needs to completely pull out of Afghanistan and to distance itself from the mess going down in Libya. That one is Europe's nightmare and not America's.

Charles Queen, US

Better article with an extra voice

Emirati men shun women who study abroad was a good article. More people should have been interviewed to show both sides.

SA, Dubai

Published: August 15, 2011 04:00 AM


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