Readers wonder why some drivers become reckless under foggy conditions. Photo courtesy Security Media
Readers wonder why some drivers become reckless under foggy conditions. Photo courtesy Security Media

Blame drivers, not fog, for the accidents

Driving in fog can be deeply unnerving (Pile-up of 69 cars along Abu Dhabi-Al Ain highway, January 17). We drove in such weather on Saturday. Even with lights on, cars weren't visible until you got right up on them.

Melissa Self Smith, Abu Dhabi

People should drive according to road and weather conditions. Why are so many people in a hurry? These accidents happened due to carelessness.

Christina Murphy, Abu Dhabi

In some parts of the world, it’s mandatory to use the yellow headlights in foggy weather. It should be the same here.

Some people tend to pick up speed when there is heavy fog, because they think they are going too slow.

Monica Carver, Abu Dhabi

What do building owners want?

Would the owners of high-rises rather leave their properties exposed to the risk of fire (High-rise building owners fear huge bills for making their properties fireproof, January 14)? Do they not want to protect the people living and working in their properties, if not the properties?

I also think that the Government could subsidise the upgrade, or give them a low interest loan to take their buildings up to standard.

Hans Jacobs, Dubai

Would the building owners rather see people burn? That really is the question. Are they that callous?

Dinky Dani Lapin, Dubai

I refer to the article How The Address Downtown Dubai hotel fire test was 'meaningless' (January 13). What about the other buildings that were built at the same time?

I guess no fire testing was done on those either. Probably it would be better to stay away from all buildings built in that particular time.

Name withheld by request

There used to be an oil-filter commercial in the US. The tagline was this: “You can pay me now or pay me later”. It means you can spend a bit more now to do the job right, or a lot more later to repair the damage from being cheap. Most people never learn.

Owen Neale, US

Get tough on offenders

Reducing the speed limit will make no difference (Can speed be reduced on Dubai road? (January 17). That is evident in some parts of the Dubai-Abu Dhabi road where despite reducing the maximum speed limit from 120 kph (140 kph) to 100 kph (120 kph), many people drive over 200 kph.

They don’t seem to get punished. The only solution is to get tougher on offenders.

Neusha Marie Farley, Dubai

Most accidents are caused by poor driving, it’s as simple as that. One only has to look at the standard of driver training and it pretty much answers the questions surrounding the number of accidents.

Better training institutions and a robust testing process are what we need.

Craig Dorrington, Dubai

Filipinos need protection, but…

What's so special about the efforts of Jejomar Binay, the Philippines' vice-president, to protect Filipino workers in the UAE (More protection for Filipino workers arriving in UAE, January 14)?

That’s his job and I think he should’ve done this a few years ago. The move comes as the election is nearing.

Olivia Grace, Dubai

Airline preferences

Air Berlin does not come anywhere near Lufthansa in terms of customer service and comfort (German court allows Etihad to continue most Airberlin codeshares, January 15).

I will never fly Air Berlin, but I will fly Lufthansa and Etihad any day.

Johanna Quick, Dubai


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