Beware of windscreen wiper thieves

A reader says essential items are are being stolen from cars in the UAE. Other topics: Beliebers, photographing art, sick notes and Syria.
A reader warns that thieves are stealing items from cars, including wiper blades. Pawan Singh / The National
A reader warns that thieves are stealing items from cars, including wiper blades. Pawan Singh / The National

The cool and rainy weather is, I am sure, a welcome surprise for everyone in the UAE.

The searing summer heat is just around the corner, so cooling, refreshing rain is a true blessing.

However, for me, the rain brought an unpleasant surprise. When I turned on my wipers to clean my windscreen, I found that the windscreen blade had been stolen.

I discovered that my case is not isolated; other people have told me about having items stolen from their vehicles ranging from wiper blades to batteries.

Has anyone else out there fallen foul of the windscreen wiper thieves?

J Hijazi, Abu Dhabi

Gallery's policy is hard on students

The latest exhibition at Manarat Al Saadiyat on Saadiyat Island, titled Birth of a Museum, strictly prohibits photography within the area.

The exhibition is for the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which is due to open in 2015. The original Louvre in Paris allows photography, so why doesn't this exhibition?

I have an assignment for my art history course at Zayed University that requires me to select an artwork from that exhibition and write a descriptive essay about it.

I am facing an issue as the venue prohibits photography and almost all artworks there are being shown to the public for the first time, so finding a digital copy of any of them on the internet is not an option. My classmates are facing the same problem.

When I first walked into the exhibition last Tuesday, a member of the security immediately approached me when he saw me using my phone.

He repeatedly said that photography is not allowed, but I was actually texting a friend.

Copies of the exhibition's pamphlet can be found in the venue but only certain artworks are shown there.

More than 100 artworks are showcased in the exhibition and less than 20 are featured in that pamphlet.

Copies of all the artworks are available in a book sold in the venue's giftshop - but it cots more than Dh200.

That could be considered a waste of money for someone who only wants a picture of one particular artwork.

Myriam Al Dhaheri, Abu Dhabi

True Beliebers are a laughing matter

Alex Ritman's piece about Justin Bieber fans, Their wrath has to be seen to be Beliebed (April 30), was excellent.

I just received my morning dose of laughter.

Karishma Thakur, Dubai

Sick-note charge beyond workers

I am writing in reference to DHA charges Dh60 for each sick note (May 1).

I think this is absolutely ridiculous. I thought the whole point of bringing in an electronic system was to stop the fraudulent issuing of sick notes.

Think of the poor labourers who won't be able to afford it; Dh60 is more than some of them earn in a day.

For me it's not a lot, but the majority of the workforce are on very low salaries.

Neusha Farley, Dubai

No end in sight for Syria's bloodshed

I am writing in reference to the story Blood samples of dead Syrians tested for chemical weapons (April 25).

This is just so sad. I wonder when this war and the merciless killing of civilians will come to a halt.

Fatima Suhail, Dubai

Female military members at risk

I refer to Bus driver charged with trying to rape US sailor (April 25).

Close to one third of all female soldiers in the US military are sexually or physically assaulted by their peers, and only a fraction of these women ever receive justice.

It is a myth to think that female American soldiers are invulnerable to sexual assault. If anything, these women are extremely vulnerable to rape.

Suhail Shafi, Abu Dhabi

Published: May 2, 2013 04:00 AM


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