Where to go in 2015 – in pictures

As is typically the case, the past 12 months have disappeared with such great speed that it’s left many of us scrambling to locate the pause button. Whether we like it or not, 2015 is officially here. For those who are looking back with regret at the lack of new countries and cities that they visited in 2014, this is the year to make amends, with your passport in hand. And for those who were regular globetrotters, we promise there are still plenty of places to explore in the coming months. With a myriad of new flight routes opening up, particularly with Emirates, Etihad and FlyDubai, which have added a number of new destinations to their flight repertoires, UAE residents will find it easier than ever to travel. This year also marks several anniversaries and openings – yet another reason to get on a plane and just go. The following destination list has been compiled to help shape 2015 into your most adventurous year yet.


Published: December 31, 2014 04:00 AM