Top TV viewing for Ramadan 2015

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Duroub 2

Abu Dhabi TV

• The details: Emirati personality Ali Al Saloom – whose weekly Ask Ali column is published on Fridays in The National – hosts a daily travel show, broadcast at 8.05pm, in which he journeys around the world to discover the things we have in common.

• Why watch? With Al Saloom as its respectful and sympathetic presenter, the programme’s debut season was a big hit.

Mahadarat Mohammed Bin Zayed

Abu Dhabi TV

• The details: Culture vultures will revel in this series, broadcast daily at 5.30pm, in which leading literary and social figures share their insights as part of the Majlis Mohammed bin Zayed annual series of Ramadan lectures.

• Why watch? For the strong line-up of speakers taking part in the lecture series.

Sarayed Khulud

Al Emarat

• The details: Ramadan television would not be complete with out a cookery show from Khulood Atiq. The Emirati chef once again invites us into her kitchen, where at 2pm each day she will provide recipes and tips on how to make that iftar delicious and healthy.

• Why watch? For Atiq’s fun and bubbly personality.

Al Ijaba Al Khafiyah

Sharjah TV

• The details: An interactive quiz show where viewers who phone in will be asked a question and have to choose the answer from four options – winners will receive prizes.

• Why watch? Prizes! And because it’s fun family viewing.


Shaabiat Cartoon

Sama Dubai

• The details: The hit Emirati animated series returns for its milestone 10th series, with crusty Dubai locals Shambee and Bo Mhayer again finding themselves in hilarious predicaments.

• Why watch? It is hugely popular with young viewers and, like all good satire, its plot lines are inspired by real-life UAE events.

Urydu Rajoulan

OSN Ya Hala

• The star: Eyadd Nassar

• The details: The drama about two women married to the same man returns for its second season. When the second wife gives birth to a son, it triggers jealously and rivalry between the two ladies.

• Why watch? The series is based on an Egyptian novel and its melodrama drew a sizeable following when debuted during Ramadan last year.


24 Qirat

OSN Ya Hala

• The stars: Sherine Abdelnour, Abed Fahed, Magie Bu Ghusun.

• The details: Love and jewels abound this the pan-Arab drama. Lebanese pop-singer Sherine Abdelnour returns to Ramadan television drama to star as an easy-going girl who gets more than she bargained for when she falls in love with a diamond trader who has a dark past.

• Why watch? To see whether Abdelnour’s charm as a mentor on the regional version of The Voice also extends to television drama.

Low Ana A’raf

Abu Dhabi TV

• The stars: Ghazi Hussein, Haifa Hussein, Huda Khatib, Abdul Al Muhsen Al Namr.

• The details: Set during the pre-economic boom of the 1990’s, this family drama revolves around Mana (Haifa Hussein) and her father (Ghazi Hussein), whose close bond is strained to the limit when their family and societal pressures increasingly blur the lines of morality.

• Why watch? For the veteran Qatari actor Ghazi Hussein, who isone of the most experienced and assured performers in the region.

Al Nour


• The stars: Hiya Abdul Salam, Hamad Al Ma’ani, Abdul Aziz Al Jasem

• The details: Love and culture clash in this Arabian Gulf drama. Abdul Salam stars as Hadeel, who must decide whether to accept an arranged marriage or take the risk and follow her heart.

• Why watch? Family, culture, tradition and the generation gap – the lifeblood of any good drama, whatever the language.

Al Ar’aab

Abu Dhabi TV

• The stars: Jamal Suleiman, Bassem Yakhour, Amel Bouchoucha

• The details: Syrian community elder Abu Aliyah celebrates the marriage of his daughter Jayidah bhy hosting a huge wedding. However, his happiness turns to despair when his youngest daughter, Lawna, disappears.

• Why watch? Syrian dramas are defined by their tense male leads, and the fiery Bassem Yakhour is a great example.

Al Kaboos

Abu Dhabi TV and OSN Ya Hala

• The stars: Ghada Abdul Razik, Karim Qasem, Basem Samra

• The details: This Egyptian melodrama might have you reaching for the tissues. Abdul Razik plays a grieving mother looking for the people responsible for killing her son.

• Why Watch? Ever the chameleon, it will be interesting to see the normally indomitable Razik play a more fragile character. Last Ramadan she was all power and fury in the political drama The First Lady.


Harish Wa Warish

Abu Dhabi TV

• Stars: Abdel Nassir Darwish, Hasan Al Balam

• The details: A mix of screwball and slapstick comedy in which best friends Harish Wa Warish return to Kuwait from a trip to China – where they learned martial arts, of course – and find there is even more adventure awaiting them in their small town.

• Why watch? When it comes to TV comedy, Kuwaiti productions are hands down the best in the Gulf.



• The stars: Nasser Al Qasabi, Mohammed Al Tawyan

• The details: An Arabian Gulf comedy sketch show that sheds light on issues facing the region today.

• Why watch? Nasser Al Qasabi is a comic genius who, throughout his three-decade career, has consistently delivered programmes both hilarious and socially relevant.


Wa Dhakr

Al Emarat

• The details: Broadcast live from Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Mosque at 5.30pm each day throughout the Holy Month, Wa Dhakr is presented by Hilal Khalifa, who will interview international Islamic scholars about how worshippers can get the most from fasting and prayers.

• Why watch? Each Ramadan, a slew of renowned scholars arrive in the UAE as part of the President’s Guest Speakers series of lectures. Wa Dhakr is a way to see them away from the packed crowds, from the comfort of your living room.

Hadith Al Rouh

Sharjah TV

• The details: Saudi Arabian preacher Ibrahim Al Daweish hosts a series of discussions focusing on Islamic and social topics, including the life of the Prophet Mohammed, Quran memorisation techniques and maintaining friendships.

• Why Watch? For its broad topics and how Islam offers examples for all aspects of daily existence.