Corporate skullduggery is exposed in this passionate tale set against the Nestle baby formula scandal in Pakistan.
Tigers by Danis Tagovic. Courtesy Cinemorphic
Tigers by Danis Tagovic. Courtesy Cinemorphic

This is an engrossing story about the unsung hero Syed Aamir Raza, a former salesman for Nestlé in Pakistan who exposed the willful negligence that caused thousands of babies to die because mothers use baby milk formula mixed with dirty water rather than breast milk. Based on the true, 1970s-era story of the company’s involvement in the country, the Bosnian director Danis Tanovic, who won an Oscar for No Man’s Land and produced the Indian smash hit The Lunchbox, uses the fictional character of Ayal (Emraan Hashmi) to reveal the underhand practices and marketing the multinational used to dominate the market place. The shocking film highlights how companies use lawyers to make it difficult to report on abuses. A film crew based in London (featuring Danny Huston and Khalid Abdalla) intermittently discuss the action we see on screen and all the legal minefields that have to be overcome to tell the story.

Tigers screens at 5.30pm on Monday, December 15 in Madinat Theatre and again at 9pm on Tuesday, December 16 in Mall of the Emirates 7.

Published: December 8, 2014 04:00 AM