Saw VII 3D

Saw VII 3D: Plenty of fright with not much to think about.

Saw 3D delivers fright with every scene, but offers audiences little to think about.
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Saw VII 3D

Director: Kevin Greutert

Starring: Sean Patrick Flanery, Betsy Russell, Cary Elwes, Tobin Bell


The climactic story of the Saw franchise sees a group of survivors from Jigsaw's deadly "games" join together to seek out Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flanery), a fellow survivor-turned-celebrity self-help guru who may not be all he seems.

After seven films it will come as no surprise that the series is beginning to repeat itself, and even delve into parody. Feeling more like a theme-park ride than a movie, almost every scene leads to a graphically violent climax, throwing all types of viscera "at" the audience without giving them too much to think about. Of course, any kind of morality within the story was abandoned about four films ago, and this, in some ways, is the natural conclusion to the series that just wants to make you feel queasy. Some semblance of continuity is offered, with Cary Elwes reprising his role from the first film. However, he does not feature very much in the film at all.

Unlikely to satisfy anyone but its most loyal fans, this brings the series to a stumbling close. In Hollywood the word "final" rarely means final, but the creators may want to take the money and run, as this poor spectacle shows this is a game that should have ended long ago.

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