Q&A with WWE NXT champion Sami Zayn and his message to fans

Sami Zayn is looking forward to his WWE Live appearance in Abu Dhabi in February 2015. Courtesy DABO & CO
Sami Zayn is looking forward to his WWE Live appearance in Abu Dhabi in February 2015. Courtesy DABO & CO

WWE’s only Arab wrestler Sami Zayn will be in Abu Dhabi as part of WWE Live at Zayed Sports City Tennis Stadium on February 12-14. He speaks about his return to the region.

As a Canadian of Syrian origin, do you feel a strong connection to the Arab world?

Of course. I was born in Canada but both my parents are Syrian – they moved to Canada in the 70s and I was born in a 100 per cent Arab house. I’m very much an Arab although I need to practise my Arabic more. I speak it less and less with my parents these days, since I live away from them here in Orlando, near the Performance Center. However, I do feel a 100 per cent connected to the Arab audience.

What is your game plan for the WWE live event in Abu Dhabi and who would you like to take down there?

I really don’t know who I’ll be wrestling yet, but my No 1 concern is having a good time and entertaining the fans. Obviously, I want to win and will do my best to have a good match and to give the people of Abu Dhabi a good show regardless of who my opponent is.

What are your expectations from the fans here in Abu Dhabi?

I was on the last WWE Abu Dhabi tour in October 2013 and NXT has grown a lot since then. If this event if it’s anything like the last time, I expect a lot of support from the Arab fans of Abu Dhabi. They were very passionate and supportive and made a lot of noise, and I’m looking forward to that again as I appreciate it – it’s everything you can ask for.

Any final message to the WWE fans in the Middle East?

I would like to thank them as always. I really appreciate their support, and I’m really proud to represent Arabs in the WWE. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing to defend the NXT championship and I’ll try to be the best I can be. Their support is really more important than they realise and I really appreciate it so much.

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Published: December 18, 2014 04:00 AM


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