Mos to make an appearance on Dexter

A hip hop artist joins the cast of Dexter.

Having murdered his own brother and found his wife brutally stabbed to death in a bathtub, TV's favourite forensics expert/serial killer Dexter now faces an even more daunting challenge, acting alongside the artist formerly known as Mos Def. Perhaps that's slightly unfair, despite a few rather wooden roles - The Italian Job remake, anyone? - ol' Dante Terrell Smith's theatrical credits have been rather well received. In any case, now going by the name of Mos, he's set to join the cast for the forthcoming sixth season, playing an ex-con called Brother Sam.

As any fan will know, Mos was an actor before he was a rapper. But he's not the first to have juggled a TV career with rhyming couplets. At the top of the pile there's the daddy of them all, Will Smith, whose Fresh Prince incarnation brought us the hit single Summertime before going on to star in his own show brought global megastardom. Then there's Mr Ice T, who did a swift U-turn from his days rapping about killing cops by becoming one himself in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. LL Cool J went one further by getting his own show way back in 1995 with In The House, but more recently followed Ice's lead by become a regular on NCIS: Los Angeles as a special agent. Topping even this is Ice Cube, who doesn't just star in the sitcom Are We There Yet?, but is an executive producer. Even if Mos gets killed off (a common occurrence on Dexter), we're unlikely to see the last of him on TV screens anytime soon.

Published: July 10, 2011 04:00 AM