Melanie Aamaro's controversial win

Our arts reporter Maey El Shoush is a fan of the US version of X Factor. She writes:

The first winner of the first X Factor USA, 19 year-old Melanie Aamaro, says the first album off the $5million contract deal she took home is going to be a "surprise" for her fans.

What she did reveal was her desire to work with Mariah Carey and even the X Factor judge LA Reid as the producer. The first thing she is going to buy with the money? A house for her mother.  

2361-al-Melanie Amaro.jpg

However, she did stir controversy during an interview after her big win, when answering questions about being sent home only to be brought back again by her mentor Simon Cowell.

When asked by the press whether or not this was a calculated move to add drama by Cowell, Amaro was quoted as saying "I really, I don't know. I don't know."

What she did know apparently was that "I had a stronger range than a lot of the other contestants. I think that just me doing what I do with all of my heart kind of put me apart from a lot of the other contestants."


Interesting to know what the other contestants would say to that...

Check out the below for more on this:

Published: December 26, 2011 04:00 AM