Mawaheb to design a T-shirt

The lovely artists at Mawaheb from Beautiful People have been selected to design a Giordano T-shirt. Under the theme, World Without Strangers, the students at Mawaheb, who are all adults with special needs, all designed T-shirts and six were chosen to be printed on white and black T-shirts accompanied by the signature of its creator.

The collaboration, which is now in its second year, was part of the Giordano Initiative For Talent (GIFT), a programme that supports the local community.

“We are pleased with our continued collaboration with Mawaheb as well as provide their talented group of artists a platform to publicly display their creativity. Last year, the T-shirts sold out quickly and we hope the initiative will replicate the same extraordinary success,” said Ishwar Chugani, the managing director of Giordano Middle East.

In 2012, the sale of the T-shirts allowed Giordano to donate Dh60,000 to Mawaheb for Beautiful People. “The funds that we received last year have been very useful to keep developing the creative talents of our students,” said Wemmy de Maaker, the founder of Mawaheb. “What matters most though, is the recognition and acceptance that our artists experience whenever they see their creations displayed outside the studio; by having their artworks imprinted on T-shirts, Giordano is really gifting them with a lifetime memorable experience”.

* The limited edition of 2,400 T-shirts will be available in 15 Giordano stores in the UAE from February 4th. They will be priced at Dh50 and 50% of this will be given to Mawaheb.


Published: January 16, 2014 04:00 AM