Google says happy birthday to Nabil Ali Mohamed

The search giant has replaced its home page logo with a doodle featuring the Egyptian pioneer of Arabic language computing

Today, January 3, is Nabil Ali Mohamed's 82nd birthday — and Google Doodle has honoured the Egyptian by featuring him in a doodle on the search engine.

Born in Cairo in 1938, Mohamed's innovations in computational linguistics propelled the Arab world into the Information Age.

Mohamed studied at Cairo University and graduated with a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering. He then spent two decades working as an engineer with the Egyptian Air Force and with various computer and electronic companies around the globe.

He created rules that would enable computers to understand the Arabic language in digital form. Mohamed saw the digitzation of the Arabic language as a way to connect Arabic speakers with the rest of the world.

The Doodle

The Google Doogle was created by Kevin Laughlin. The designer drew inspiration from title screens from the 8-bit era of video games.

"Footage of Professor Mohamed's computer seems to invoke a lot of nostalgia in people who remember his software, so I sought out images that created a similar nostalgia in myself," explains Laughlin.

Happy birthday, Dr. Nabil Ali.

Regional Google Doodles

Mohamed isn't the first regional personality to be honoured with a Google Doodle. Here are some other doodle's from that have celebrated MENA region heroes: