Fifa 20 unveiled: New 'Volta' game mode gets mixed reaction from YouTube stars

Fifa goes back to the streets, but will the game win over fans when it's released in September?

The Fifa series developer EA Sports has been criticised for years among the gaming community for only making incremental changes when it releases its ever-popular annual update.

This year, however, it appears to have listened to gamers in one major area for the forthcoming release of Fifa 20.

Those who have been with the series for a number of years will recall Fifa Street, which was released in 2012. Well, that is making a return this year in the form of what EA revealed on Saturday as Volta.

'Volta'? Does that mean jumpers for goalposts?

Pretty much yes, although you'll likely get an actual goal to shoot at rather than requiring to remove any garments.

"Volta ('to return' in Portuguese) moves you from the roar of the stadium to the rhythm of the streets in football playgrounds all over the world as you build your player, pick your gear and express your own personal style," said EA.

It said the new game mode has been inspired by the authentic small-sided form of football played in streets, cages, and futsal courts across the world.

Users will be able to customise and personalise their player, play in locations such as an Amsterdam underpass, London neighbourhood cage or a Tokyo rooftop and then take part in a 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4 or five-a-side with the option of rush goalies.

There will be an online league with promotion and relegation, plus a story mode.

The Tokyo pitch from Fifa's new Volta game mode. Courtesy EA Sports
The Tokyo pitch from Fifa's new Volta game mode. Courtesy EA Sports

OK, so what's the reaction to this announcement?

Fifa, like many video games these days, has an ardent fan base and a number of popular online streamers who post daily content around their own experiences with the game.

The reaction to Volta from some of them was mixed.

Nepenthez (real name Craig Douglas), who has more than 1.8 million YouTube subscribers, said on Twitter that he needed to be able to play Volta with friends on his own team for EA's latest big idea to be a success for him.

Edwin Castro, who records under the tag Castro1021 on YouTube with 1.4m subscribers, was also concerned about the potential unavailability of playing with friends on the same team.

Meanwhile, AA9skillz (real name Louis Machado), who has 1.8m YouTube subscribers, initially voiced his excitement at the announcement on Twitter before showing his disappointment at the apparent lack of an option to play with friends.

What else do we know about Fifa 20?

Firstly, EA has confirmed the release dates for the game.

The Champions or Ultimate Edition can be pre-ordered to play three days ahead of the global launch on September 27.

Those subscribed to EA Access on PlayStation and Xbox One can play from September 19, along with Origin Access on PC.

As for gameplay, EA said there's a new "Authentic Game Flow, user-controlled Decisive Moments, and enhanced Ball Physics System".

Regular players will be pleased to know that set-pieces are due for an overhaul with deeper options for aiming free-kicks and penalties, while the ball physics are set to receive some welcome attention with new shot trajectories and "authentic ball spins".

Further details, including on the most popular game mode – Fifa Ultimate Team –will be released over the next couple of months.

Published: June 9, 2019 09:05 AM


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