Fashion notes: tips and tricks for wearing faux fur this winter

If you really love the look and feel of fur, then opt for faux versions.
Stylist and model Nadiia Shapoval during the Milan Fashion Week in September. Vanni Bassetti / Getty Images
Stylist and model Nadiia Shapoval during the Milan Fashion Week in September. Vanni Bassetti / Getty Images

An appalling number of luxury brands have incorporated fur in their autumn/winter 2015 collections.

From Gucci’s fur-lined loafer slippers to the Dior fur-sleeved pink cape that Rihanna wore at the Dior show this past Paris Fashion Week, it’s looking like being animal-friendly is no longer in vogue – and that’s quite depressing if you ask me. There are plenty of opinions on the ethics of using authentic animal fur in fashion, and I’m sure you all have different views. While some of us are proud activists, adamant that the use of fur be abolished in fashion, others couldn’t care less where a garment comes from.

I, for one, have always been an animal lover, and full-heartedly advise you to avoid buying into an industry that may mistreat our furry friends. If you really love the look and feel of fur, then opt for faux versions instead. There are plenty of options available, and they’re cheaper, too, but best of all, you’re not running the risk of promoting something that you really wouldn’t support, if you knew all of the grisly details that went into producing it.

Now, even if your fur is faux, I recommend you rock it in small doses. An all-out furry coat just looks odd, especially if you’re wearing it in this barely ­winter weather. So unless you’re ­planning on tromping around Europe or Russia this month, don’t spend your money on a coat with this texture – though if it’s only on the pockets or ­collar, it’s definitely more ­wearable.

Look for products with faux-fur accents, to give an interesting kick to your autumn/winter ensembles. As well, look to accessories – for instance, fuzzy oversized clutches are pieces that I wouldn’t expect to particularly like; however, I’ve been swayed in recent weeks. There’s something fresh and fun about a slightly formal outfit that’s brought to life with a big furry clutch.

Bags are even more intriguing if they’re embellished – just look at recent offerings from Dubai-based fashion house Zayan the Label, where colour-blocking is combined with pearl embellishments and illustrated patches, all in a faux-fur clutch – just fabulous. Mango and River Island are also effectively using a lot of faux fur in their current handbag ranges.

Another accessory on trend this season is the fur stole – for a cruelty-free synthetic one, check high-street stores such as H&M. For further effect, look for stoles that have a mixed colour patchwork effect, or for pieces with tips that are dyed in different shades. Be sure to check the quality up close before buying one, as these often run the risk of looking like feather boas from the craft store. Footwear can incorporate faux fur, too. While I find it absurd to see women wearing Ugg-style boots in the UAE, light ankle boots are somewhat acceptable in the country’s mild winter climate. These booties can be topped off with faux-fur trimmings – though I wouldn’t recommend you go for any with Gucci-style inner fur linings, unless you’re OK with having sweaty feet all day.

These days, it’s also common to see faux fur getting balled up into cute pom-poms — they top shoes and baseball caps, and can be hung onto handbags.

If you’re not impressed with any of the faux-fur finds in stores here, turn to shopping online – there’s a huge range of gilets, stoles, vests, parkas, ­collars and bags available at Asos, at affordable prices – ­after all, it wouldn’t be smart to ­overspend on these pieces, which can only be worn during the span of a few short months here in the very warm Middle East.

Published: November 27, 2015 04:00 AM


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