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Fashion notes: Life lessons on lip care

If you have a special date this Valentine’s Day, you really need to sort out your lipstick issues ­beforehand.
Shiseido Rouge. Courtesy Shiseido
Shiseido Rouge. Courtesy Shiseido

If you ask me, lipstick is one of the most challenging aspects of make-up. It flakes, stains and sometimes somehow gets smeared across your chin. Contrary to what cosmetic brands may promise, there’s has never been an absolutely perfect lipstick on the market – I find that the formulas are either exceedingly runny or too dry.

If you have a special date this Valentine’s Day, you really need to sort out your lipstick issues ­beforehand.

You don’t want to have to avoid eating anything for fear that your lipstick will end up on your food, and the last thing that you want is your significant other noticing any lipstick smudges on your front teeth.

Two days before your big date, I suggest using a lip scrub while you’re in the shower. This will get rid of any dry, dead skin.

Then make sure to keep moisturising your lips with an effective lip balm. I have found that Bepanthen ointment – intended to treat babies’ nappy rash – does wonders, especially if you have sensitive lips that often tingle as a result of lipstick. Also make sure that you stay hydrated. If you don’t drink enough water, then the first place it will show is your skin and lips.

Before you paint your lips, put on a layer of primer. Then use a lip liner, but stay close to your actual lip line – or else you will look like a grossly over-made-up Kardashian sister.

Then apply a layer or two of your lipstick – my favourite lines are currently Rouge Couture by Saint Laurent and Acrylip Paint by Make Up For Ever. They’re both moist and pigmented, with a glossy finish, and have great staying power.

For a finishing touch, dab on some Apa Beauty tooth gloss – it will brighten your teeth, and more importantly, it will also freshen your breath.


Updated: February 8, 2017 04:00 AM