Egyptian reporter’s ‘what about your Oscar’ question to Leonardo DiCaprio goes viral

There was a lot of surprises at the Oscar’s on Sunday, but an Egyptian reporter has made it to the top of the most talked about on various social media platforms.

Leonardo DiCaprio was surprised during the after Oscar's press conference by a question from the Egyptian journalist, Shaimaa Abdel Moneim, from Egyptian website Youm7.

Talking over the host of the conference as she announced the last question of the evening, the reporter says “Leo, hi, I am the first Egyptian journalist covering the Oscars, what about a first Oscar for you?”

A confused DiCaprio asked her to repeat the question. She did so, and DiCaprio said, “What about it?” and things got more awkward when the journalist repeated, “for your Oscar?” DiCaprio looked amusedly puzzled and said, “well yeah, it feels amazing.” Not discouraged, the journalist presses on with “It’s a first what about that?” “Yeah, it is the first, like I said, I am just incredibly grateful,” said DiCaprio as he exited the stage laughing embarrassedly.

Comments went crazy on all social media platforms in the Middle East, most pertaining to the fact they thought the reporter should have concentrated more on the question rather than bragging about being the first Egyptian journalist to cover the Oscars.

Another trend saw people trying to guess what she was saying. The most popular guess so far is that the first question she asked DiCaprio was “what about French Toaster for you?” Others wondered how she had gained accreditation.