Ebraheem Al Samadi talks about the magic and timelessness behind the flowers from Forever Rose

The most innovative floral company this year at Bride Dubai was Forever Roses, which creates blooms that can be preserved for days or decades thanks to the company's 'magic technology'.

The most innovative floral company this year at Bride Dubai was Forever Rose. From a proposal flower to the wedding bouquet, the blooms can be preserved for days or decades by the company's "magic technology". Ebraheem Al Samadi, the company's brand ambassador, tells us why these exquisite blooms are much sought after.
What's different about your roses?
We're all about love and romance. The company started with a lady who loved roses and her fiancé, who wanted to give her something that wouldn't die. Together they created a secret potion that surrounds the roses and preserves them forever, when kept behind glass. We also have roses outside of the glass and they last for around two to three years.
Where are your roses from?
Our roses come from our land in Ecuador and the assembly is done here in the UAE. The reason why we only use Ecuadorian roses is that the placement of Ecuador geographically, near the volcanic mountains, gives the soil a richness that makes the petals 10 times thicker and stronger and five times bigger than any others.
Who buys your roses, and for what occasions?
Many different reasons. We're taking lots of orders for Valentine's Day, of course. It's very special to have the rose you were proposed to with, or your bridal bouquet preserved in a glass jar forever. But people love to buy the roses not just for romantic occasions such as wedding anniversaries, but also birthdays and graduation ceremonies.
How much does it cost to preserve a bouquet or a single rose?
From designing the bridal bouquet and then the process of preserving it - which takes around two weeks - the cost is around Dh5,000. As for the Bella rose, which comes in combinations of one, two or three roses - prices range from Dh750 up to Dh2,000. We're not selling flowers, we're selling moments.
Where can people find you?
In Dubai, we'll be opening our flagship location in Citi Walk Phase 2 on March 1, and we also currently have a sales counter in Mercato Mall. In Abu Dhabi, we're located on the Corniche in the Emirates French Hospital building, in a store that resembles a British mansion - you can't miss it. People can also order online and we offer free delivery in the UAE.
. Visit www.foreverrose.ae or call 800 367 3837