Dubai makes me happy, says John Travolta

John Travolta at the Breitling Emergency UAE launch. Courtesy Breitling
John Travolta at the Breitling Emergency UAE launch. Courtesy Breitling

After flying into Dubai last year to promote Qantas Airline as their ambassador, Hollywood actor John Travolta was back in town again this week to launch Swiss aviation watchmaker Breitling’s new watch – Emergency.

The Oscar-nominated Pulp Fiction actor – who flies his own Qantas Boeing 707 and is a self-proclaimed architecture geek – told reporters at a press conference at The Address Montgomerie Dubai hotel that his association with the brand stems from his passion for aviation and love for precision and accuracy.

In an interview with the Arabian Radio Network this week, Travolta described Dubai as a place that makes him happy.

“The first time I was out here, I went to the tallest building on Earth. I went to the sail-boat building [Burj Al Arab] and so that satisfied my architectural needs,” said Travolta.

“Then I went out to the desert and rode camels. Those were the things that defined my visit. And now that I’m back …let’s do the same and more. You get a sense of peace when you are here.”

He also explained the features of Emergency, the first luxury wristwatch that has a built-in locator system, which can alert emergency services of the wearers location.

“It’s not only a luxury piece, but unrelated to that it can save your life,” he told the Dubai Eye (103.8) radio station.

“You can be found wherever you are in the world.”

He also expressed a desire to fly the next-level supersonic corporate jet in the next 10 years.

“I’d like to regain what the Brits and the French had with the Concorde, but within a private version.”

Published: December 10, 2014 04:00 AM