Direct Contact

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Ever wondered what happened to Dolph Lundgren? Well it appears that the former martial arts champ is now scraping a living from action B-movies. In Direct Contact the Swedish star, never noted for his acting skills, even has the audacity to play an American war veteran, Mike Riggins, who finds himself in a Balkan jail after being busted for arms smuggling. Yet don't despair, because Direct Contact is bad in all the right ways. Despite the action sequences looking like they are modelled on a 1970s TV show, cars spinning in the air, explosions everywhere and ridiculous fight sequences, this romp is surprisingly enjoyable and ticks along at a fair clip. Riggins is offered a way out of jail by the shady CIA agent Clive Connelly. All he has to do is rescue a wealthy businessman's daughter, Ana Gale (Gina May), from her Balkan kidnapper. The big problem with the task according to Clive is that she is suffering from Stockholm syndrome. But, as one might expect, everything is not as it seems and Mike soon has to decide whether he should believe Clive or Ana, who claims she's not a hostage. The dialogue is shoddy, the plot ridiculous and the thrills over-the-top. All in all, it's so bad that it's almost good.