Did Brad and Angelina tie the knot?

Brangelina 'secretly tied the knot' while on holiday in Donna Karan's private Parrot Cay estate on the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean, so the rumour goes.

It was the perfect cover. Just as the world was tucking into turkey and trying to hide its sprouts on December 25, Brad and Angelina snuck away from the distracted paparazzi and got themselves married.

Well, that's the news the trusty rumour mill - which has already been pretty busy dealing with Kim Kardashian's baby - is currently churning.

It seems the main source of the gossip is the Daily Telegraph. According to the UK paper, Brangelina "secretly tied the knot" while on holiday in Donna Karan's private Parrot Cay estate on the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean, along with their six children, Brad's ma and pa Jane and William, his brother Doug and sister Julie.

Probably because the Daily Telegraph wasn't anywhere nearby at the time, this is the point where the details dry up, and the rest of the story largely consists of detailed descriptions of the resort. Apparently, the entire estate is designed in a "hybrid Indonesian/African style" and "sleeps 22", but Parrot Cay is "dotted with similarly luxurious private residences," which the paper claims would be "perfect for their entourage and wedding guests". Must be true then, no?

But of course, this wouldn't be the first time rumours surrounding The Biggest Celebrity Wedding Of The Century™ have spawned countless column inches largely made up of factual inaccuracies since the couple's engagement was first revealed nine months ago.

In August, the world's press (well, those that write about that sort of thing) were seemingly adamant that Angelinad (yeah, we just made that up) were to tie the knot in their Chateau Miraval in France, with news of deliveries of food, champagne, marquees and parents. Naturally, the stories were littered with quotes from those ever-trustful "sources" and plenty of pictures of the chateau with arrows drawn on to indicate to eager readers just where the magic might take place. "There's a real buzz around the estate," someone told The Sun newspaper, possibly for money.

Unfortunately for anyone who immediately bought a big hat and headed to France, the buzz, together with food, champagne, marquees and parents, didn't ever transform into a full-blown wedding and we were all - all of us, ok - left bitterly disappointed.

So what have we got this time around? Well, another source has confirmed positive sighting of the Jolie-Pitt's in the Turks and Caicos islands, which is a start.

"They are at Donna's house, without Donna, and have been loving the island because it is so secluded," the passerby told The New York Post, possibly while hiding in a tree with a pair of binoculars. "Angelina's taken the kids to Karan's yoga spa. They've been running around the island with no care in the world, and relaxing."

And then there was a comment from Brad himself in November about the wedding, telling USA Today that "It's soon, and I got a good feeling about it. The time has come".
So, what does this all mean? Are the world's most A-list A-listers now Mr and Mrs? What do you think? To be honest, your guess is probably about as believable as The Telegraph's story. And no doubt because they've heard it all before, most news outlets have chosen to report on the unsubstantiated rumour spouted by the paper rather than state it as fact.

Or are you too busy trying to come up with possible baby names for Kimye to care?