City of Life release date set

City of Life, the UAE's first homegrown feature film, will hit local theatres on Thursday, April 22. This is a landmark, as its the first time a multi-million-budget project written, directed and produced by an Emirati (Ali F Mostafa) has had a real, commercial turn on the big screen. The film was co-produced by Filmworks, the name behind bigger budget films like Syriana and The Kingdom, and will be released locally by Gulf Film.

It will play in selection Cinestar, Grand and Reel theatres, including:

Ø       Grand Festival
Ø       Grand Cineplex
Ø       Grand Megaplex
Ø       Grand Al Mariah
Ø       Grand Buhairah
Ø       Grand Manar
Ø       Grand Mercato

Ø       Cinestar - Dubai
Ø       Cinestar - Emirates Mall
Ø       Cinestar - AD
Ø       Reel Cinema
Ø       Cinemacity