Can Ahmed Al Shaikh put the "solid" in Dubai's media consolidation?


Ahmed al Shaikh is certainly the media man of the hour. Not only has he long been Sheikh Mohammed's right-hand man on all things media, and the managing director of recently much enlarged Dubai Media Incorporated, he is now the head of a new government office encompassing all three of the Dubai Government's media-related entities, according to


Word has been circulating for some time that Falcon and Associates, which first surfaced last summer as the agency guiding Dubai's research into a

, might merge or meld with Brand Dubai. The latter agency was

after the first round of recession-inspired Dubai-bashing rippled through the international media, with a mandate to help journalists get in touch with the right folks in Dubai Government and Government-related entities. As both are essentially public relations entities set up by the government to help burnish Dubai's image through both the press and the corridors of power, this makes sense.

Dubai Press Club, however, is a decade old, as has weathered more than one round of reorganisations of the Dubai Government's media entities. (See:

) Our best guess so far as to why it was included deals with leadership. Mona al Marri, who has long played a leadership role in the press club, is also the chief executive of Brand Dubai. Watch this space for more details.

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