Blonde and Blonder

Film review Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards reach a new nadir in their ­careers in this Dumb and Dumber rip-off.

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The curriculum vitae of both Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards would ensure permanent unemployment in most industries, but this is the motion picture business and so they're superstars. Working together they've incredibly managed to reach a new nadir in their ­careers. This Dumb and Dumber rip-off sees the actresses (and I use this occupational term in the loosest sense to describe these performances) play two ditsy blondes, Dee and Dawn, whose stupidity continually lands them in trouble. The girls meet while taking a flying lesson and become fast friends. When they apply for jobs as dancers in a nightclub, the FBI and local criminals mistakenly believe that they're the world-renowned assassins The Cat (Emmanuelle Vaugier) and her protégé, The Kitten (Meghan Ory). The blondes are given a stash of money to "take out" a notorious gangster, and these walking Botox adverts predictably get ready to go on a date with the target. Ho-hum. The tone of this knockabout comedy is a pastiche of the bygone American TV comedies Bewitched and I Love Lucy, and the girls even wear outfits to match their garish performances. Already a contender for worst film of the year.