50 Cent makes a stopover in Dubai

50Cent was here in Dubai after all, Jonathan Ross shows why he is a special dad, Kim Kardashian likes to take care of her teeth while on the road, Katy Perry warns fans of a possible bad gig and more in this week's Twitter round-up.
  • "I'm in dubai on my way to perth," 50 Cent, August 16


  • "Stay calm before the storm, that will keep the rain outa your heart." Gary Busey, August 16"Random thought: Don't u HATE whn u spend ur hard earned money on something tht u thought was gonna 2 b great & ends up being totally wrong??" Alicia Keyes, August 15


  • "Unexpected benefit of being in the airport this early: everyone has been up since ouch o'clock, so we're all being quiet for each other." Wil Wheaton, August 13


  • "Am at the Cinema with my daughter about to watch Glee 3D. I am the only man here. As always I use the term "man" lightly." Jonathan Ross, August 13


  • "I'm so excited! Just saw my first wild bear in years! He put on a great show! Climbed a tree and ate apples!!" Billy Ray Cyrus, August 12


  • "I'm a joke. But the best thing about being a joke is you bring other people laughter. Correction: I'm an optimistic joke." Ashton Kutcher, August 12


  • "Do u brush your teeth before u take the red eye flight? I always do in the bathroom. Otherwise its like falling alseep w-out brushing! Yuck." Kim Kardashian, August 10


  • "Okay kids, here's the truth: I've done lost half my voice... So that means ur gonna have to sing even louder than usual tonight okay?! DEAL!" Katy Perry, August 10

Published: August 18, 2011 04:00 AM