Ahli managers make TV appearance

Colleague Kevin Affleck reports ...

Al Ahli's management duo of David O'Leary and Roy Aitken were on the All Sports Show with hosts Rob McCaffrey and Derek Whyte today on the Showtime network.

O'Leary revealed his friendship with the likes of golfer Lee Westwood and the former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan and how he went to the Ryder Cup at Valhalla and to the Ashes in Australia during his lay-off from management.

Aitken said he it will take the management team at Al Ahli a year to find out all about his team and then which players to "cherry-pick" from the other clubs to make Ahli stronger.

O'Leary said Ahli's first game of the season, at Al Dhafra, was the first time he has gone into a game "blind" and knew nothing about the opposition.

He said he never thought he would see the day when he was training and playing past 10pm.